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(Imagicle) technology explained to a 7-year-old girl.

The world changes, we follow. Here’s how a young woman graduated in foreign languages became the Virtual Sales Leader of a Tech company (and how she manages to explain it to a 7-year-old girl).

Play your joker card.

I’ve been studying foreign languages and linguistics since I was a teenager, but that’s still not enough to explain how I can contribute to my company’s growth. 
Since the very beginning, I’ve found my way to do that by leveraging Imagicle international scope. I’m Italian, but I’ve got colleagues coming from all over the world (really: from all over Italy, Lebanon, Syria, France, US, Russia) and we work with customers and partners spread in more than 150 countries
So, basically, speaking English is essential, and speaking French is my Joker Card: the plus point that has allowed me to find my special path in Sales Team (believe me, everyone has a joker card – sometimes you just need someone to point at it to see it yourself!)
My language knowledge has been my added value and my particular contribution to Imagicle growth in French-speaking countries, not only within Europe (France, of course, but also Luxembourg and Switzerland) but also in several African markets, such as Senegal, Mauritius, and Cote d’Ivoire. 
“But don’t you get confused when you speak more than a language in the same day, aunt Vivi?”
“No, I don’t.”
(Well, maybe just sometimes!)
Third step: what do I do every single day?
“So, Becca, do you understand that my magic colleagues create apps to smooth people communications, right? And that all together we help people to get them and make their job easier, isn’t it?”
“Yes, I do, but do these people come to your office and buy them?”
“No, not exactly. We work with people very, very far from here.”
“So, do you take a plane every day?”
“No, dear: we use the Internet to work.”
“All right. Like when you were on holidays, and you called to show me blue seaside and fishes?”
“That’s exactly how we work, using video calls and other tools that help us to get closer, no matter how far away we are.”
“So it’s you or them who are on holidays?”
Well, this is a good question. smiling face with sunglasses 
Out of the experiment, just one note: when I first landed at Imagicle in 2014, I had a very little experience in Sales, and no experience at all in Tech (I wouldn’t call using my iPhone to chat « experience »), but I found out a happy family ready to welcome me and help me grow my knowledge and skills. 
My colleagues (and friends!) walked me down every single milestone, teaching me every useful thing to know about Sales and Tech
But the very best lesson Imagicle taught me is that there’s not an arrival point: we never stop learning. So, keep on being curious and never get tired of studying. 

The pink side of Imagicle.

“But are there more girls or more boys in your classroom?”
“Well, my ‘classroom’ is mostly made of men, for now, but we’re getting pinker month after month.”
« Cool! »
Yes, cool. Even if the Tech remains a male-dominated world, women presence is growing (have a look at my fantastic colleague Beat), and Imagicle is doing a very good job in following the trend. 
Moreover, Imagicle women have got a powerful voice: we have a different way of looking at things compared to our male colleagues, but this, rather than being perceived as a threat, is one more reason to take us seriously.
Finally, another important lesson this experience has taught me is: « When you think you have done your best, look carefully: there is always the best of the best, and you can do it. » 
I love having people around who really want me to succeed. It makes me feel that my work matters. 
Every day, Imagicle keeps giving me further insights to reach my goals and take another step: as previously said, I began my journey here 5 years ago, with very little experience, but a great desire to learn.
Well, my luck is running good today. At the moment, I have (a 2 year-old beautiful daughter and) the pleasure of working with a brand-new Imagicle Team – mainly (and proudly) a pink one.
The Virtual Sales Team, in fact, is made up of me and two « wonder-girls »: the six-languages-speaking Domitilla and the tireless Olga, who are currently celebrating their first month with us.
Together, we work remotely with all the countries where we’re not physically present, i.e. Africa, Asia-Pacific regions, South America and a few countries in North and Eastern Europe, committing to offer the best sales assistance service possible for our partners, resellers and customers in Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Of course, working with such a cultural mix is a daily challenge.
But as I mentioned earlier, we are a tough bunch of Imagicle women.
And we love challenges.

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