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Workin’ @ Imagicle

Well begun is half done.

I don’t know how to write a blog article – this is my first one – but I always loved words.
Playing with them has always been a hobby for me: put words close to each other, create new astonishing meanings and impress who stands in front of me (hopefully in a good way).
I’d like to try to do the same with you, so let’s start reading once again the title of this paper, “Workin’ at Imagicle.”
Found something strange? Have I not shocked you yet? Well, of course not, you still know too little.

“This man is crazy” you will wonder, and seems legit. “He wants to talk about working in his company, as any other company blog does. Why should I be surprised?”.

Easy guys, give me the chance to explain to you what I mean 🙂

Perhaps you don’t know I’ve been working here for only one month. This is my very first experience in the corporate world and…Wow!

The first day I came here I saw a big open space painted with relaxing colors, where even the sunlight could find its way in (everything I had seen in the TV series was a lie, then?). And, ready for me, there were a lot of tech toys wherewith I can touch the future, handle it and use it (then, thank God, other kinds of TV series were right).

Talking about the Product Owner

Yet, these things are not so original nowadays. We all know huge corporate brands with big gardens, console, and other cool stuff. Then why Imagicle is so innovative?

I think the answer is pretty simple, but not trivial.
The real core business of Imagicle is, without any difficulties, people.
You can already perceive it from our recent posts, we talk about making customers happy, getting our partners satisfied, but what Imagicle really cares for is that every single person gets to be happy.
Our slogan is: “It’s always a matter of happy people”. It’s our purpose and, to keep it clearly in mind, we have written our motto huge on the wall.

Every Imagicle person takes part in this philosophy of happiness.
We share a company value whereby the human being is surrounded by ideas, laughs, and participation. We focus on everyone’s personality, on “the self”, which is always relevant for Imagicle.
It’s not just words. It’s respect, commitment, engagement.
Side by side, we build an empowered relationship towards a single end.

Workin' @ Imagicle

“Celebrate good times, come on! (Let’s celebrate)” (admit it, you’ve read it singing).
Of course, we mark every single deal we won, every achievement reached, but, most of all, we feast every happy moment everyone experiences.
Every moment is a good moment to eat altogether – we’re headquartered in Italy, after all – cooking and challenging on the foosball table after lunch, a real Olympic competition.

You can always ask for help, someone is there to help you at any time. You’ll never walk alone.


Spreading around the world.

We come from all over the world, on our kingdom the sun never sets. 😀
You can hear several languages and breath a lot of different cultures.
We are economists, engineers, programmers but also philosophers, linguists, biologists, political scientists, interpreters, cause every point of view is a new way to look at the same horizon.
Imagicle is increasing quickly, and we are growing up along with it, together. It’s an opportunity to build something that will last for a long time, for everybody.

I don’t know if you’re now shocked about what I told you, it’s hard to describe feelings if you’re not Shakespeare. However, if you feel like knowing the Imagicle family a little better, you can talk to people who collaborate with us, or directly with us.

In a world full of numbers, it’s comforting to know that people are still most important.

Workin' @ Imagicle

As I said, I love playing with words. In fact, I shouldn’t have used “workin’ at Imagicle” as a title for this article, but “Livin’ at Imagicle”. I apologize but, once again, I dress like a blogger for the first time.


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