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Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the start date of the service once the order has been processed. However, we are here to listen and understand your needs, please feel free to contact us at

It is possible to end a contract at the time of its expiration by not proceeding with the renewal. Unfortunately, it is not possible to terminate an active contract before its expiration. However, we are here to listen and understand your needs, please feel free to contact us at

If a cloud subscription contract is not renewed, the service will cease to operate on the expiration date, just like with any other subscription. For detailed information on how data is handled upon service termination, please refer to the following link.

Creating a quote is not possible due to the automatic billing process for the annual fee, which differs from the subscription renewal. For all details on the invoice date and the amount that will be billed, you can refer to the subscription portal.

For your subscription number, order number, and additional subscription details, please visit our subscription portal.

All the resources you need to self-install and configure the Imagicle UCX Platform can be found in our knowledge base.

For all details on the subscription and related invoices, you can refer to the subscription portal.

For clients with auto-renewal, it will be possible not to renew the subscription with written communication no later than 30 days from the contract’s expiration.

On our ImagicleCare website page you’ll find more details about what’s included in each support plan.

Our support team is ready to assist you in resolving any difficulties you may encounter while using Imagicle solutions. However, training sessions are not included in our technical support. If you are interested in receiving training, we invite you to contact our sales team at the email address for a customized quote.

If you are running an Imagicle UCX platform on-premises, make sure it’s connected to the Imagicle cloud to allow automatic license renewal without service interruption. More technical information about connection requirements are available here.

We are Imagicle

Founded in 2010 and part of the Zucchetti Group, Imagicle is a leading company in the UC apps market, with three Italian offices and fully-owned subsidiaries in Miami, Dubai, Riyadh, and Paris, and a happy team of more than 100 people. With an ever-expanding value proposition, Imagicle offers a full set of Cloud or Cloud-connected UC apps behind a single pane of glass.

What we do

We develop one platform of UC apps, empowered with AI and digital Conversational experiences, simplifying deployment, integrations, administration and use. Ideal for mid market and enterprise customers and integrated with the leading calling platforms, it’s available from the Cloud and in mixed environments, granting the flexibility, security and innovation all users need in the new hybrid (and more digital) world.

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