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Whistleblowing Procedure

Updated on Jan. 31, 2024

For the protection of all stakeholders, Imagicle has adopted the Whistleblowing Procedure, adapting to the changes introduced by the 2017 legislation on «Provisions for the protection of people reporting of crimes or irregularities of which they have become aware in the context of a public or private employment relationship» (so-called Whistleblowing).

This procedure is intended to provide any person, including Customers and Suppliers, with the opportunity to make reports concerning conduct, risks, crimes or irregularities, whether committed or attempted, to the harm of the Company’s interests. Reports may be made at any time through this link.

The reporting of individuals found guilty of unlawful acts is essential to prevent corrupt episodes, to protect the integrity of the company and to guarantee fairness and legality towards all those involved in the company’s activities.

The procedure makes it possible to clearly manage the object, content, recipients and method of transmission of the reports, in full compliance with the forms of protection that are offered to the reporting party by our legal system. He or she is in fact guaranteed against any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalization and may request the confidentiality of his or her identity.
Through the adoption of all these tools, Imagicle advocates and guarantees legality, accountability, transparency, safety and professional ethics to all stakeholders.