Matteo Ceregini
Junior Software Engineer

Matteo’s passion for computers and programming began in middle school, which led him to pursue a technical high school specializing in IT. After completing his studies, he relocated to Pisa, where he obtained a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

In terms of his professional experience, he previously worked as a Software Engineer Consultant at a major Italian company operating in the energy sector. During his time there, he was responsible for developing statistical models, batch jobs, and ETL pipelines for processing financial derivatives data.

Outside of work, he goes to the gym and is thoroughly enjoys it! Additionally, he has a keen interest in chess, although he must admit that his skills in the game are lacking. When he has some free time, he also likes to indulge in reading books.

He is sure that his journey with Imagicle will always present numerous challenges, but he is ready to tackle them head-on!

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