Imagicle solutions on Cisco dCloud.

Imagicle solutions are available on Cisco dCloud, the dedicated Cisco Partners Portal which offers the easiest way to show our applications to your customers. A complete customizable environment with all the info to make your winning demo!

Schedule your session in a flash.

  • Go to and login with your account (you must be Cisco Partner to go on).
  • Search Imagicle on the "Catalog" page and schedule the session "Cisco Collaboration - Transform Work with Collaboration" (click here to go directly).

The system requires one/two hours to bring up the session.

Access through WebRDP.

Make fast demos without the need of installing anything on your laptop.

  • Directly access with WebRDP (Remote Desktop) selecting the workstation you would like to use.
  • Use the browser in one of the available workstations or install Cisco VPN*, to access Imagicle UCX Suite Server.

Achieve top performances.

For best performance you can also connect through Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.

  • Click here to directly choose your download version.
  • Go on “My Hub” section and click on “View” of your scheduled session. You can find your Host, User and Password on AnyConnect Credentials tab by clicking through the details button.
Download the guide or watch the video for the detailed procedure.

Go live.

Click on "View" button of your scheduled session on "My Hub" section of Five scenarios are available for the following applications:

  • Attendant Console - Operator Console
  • Call Recording
  • Call Analytics
  • Digital Fax
  • Hotel Services
Connect to User 1, 3 or CSR Workstations and go live.