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Give a great product demo that sells through Cisco dCloud.

There is almost nothing more powerful than a great product demonstration. When properly done, a demo allows customers to see and realize how things would be better if they invest and buy the solution (and worse if they don’t). Having said that, preparing and maintaining up to date a demo environment requires a lot of time and tech skills, that might not be available throughout the organization.

But there’s a solution for that: Cisco dCloud, which is currently one of my favorite tools from Cisco, and something that no other Vendor in the industry is doing.

Cisco dCloud is a self-service platform that you can use to learn and demo Cisco’s and Solutions+ latest products in a very practical and engaging way. Let’s be honest, setting up and maintaining a demo environment it’s a hard challenge, most of the time a quick check is done just few mins before the demo and it happens to discover that not everything works as expected. Forget about this; Cisco dCloud is really that good!

Labs turn up in moments, everything is just setup and ready to go. It’s just perfect to address the need to demo Imagicle solutions for a potential Customer. It’s also just perfect to play around with it. Don’t worry you cannot damage anything when you are done the lab resets automatically.
If you’re looking to learn about new products and technologies and gain new skills, you should be interested in what dCloud has to offer. You can have access to a practical way to experience Cisco products and solutions for free.

In my opinion, dCLoud is the ideal tool that Imagicle Partners can use to test, demonstrate and run all Imagicle services. Instantly.
It allows you to build demos, or customize the ones that are already in the platform, and share them with anyone else. dCloud is a great platform to carry out demonstrations and proposals, train yourself and others, and create sandbox labs. Instead of having to use real gear for a demo or hold lengthy technical discussion meetings you could simply use one of the demos in dCloud, customize it and be fully ready to showcase Imagicle solution.

In dCloud, within the Collaboration area, you can access to a broad list of pre-scripted Imagicle demos that are fully supported. All you need is a computer, a browser and an internet connection. Imagicle scripts cover the most significant scenarios and use cases:


1. Cisco UC and Imagicle Attendant Console with advanced queueing and auto attendant

It is very easy to show Imagicle for Customer Service solution: on dCloud you can find Imagicle Customer Service fully configured: an IVR that prequalifies incoming calls and routes them to several queues based on caller selections and agents who use Imagicle Attendant Console. Showing how a Professional Customer Service handles calls it’s easy and immediate.

2. Cisco UC and Imagicle Call Recording

A complete Call recording solution is up and running, allowing to demonstrate how Imagicle Call Recording can address a broad set of call recording needs. In dCloud it is easy to record calls and search and play them at a later stage, both from the Imagicle Web portal and directly from Jabber, thanks to the dedicated Imagicle gadget for Jabber.

3. Cisco UC and Imagicle Call Analytics

If the need is to showcase a call accounting and billing solution, head directly to Imagicle Billing, the most advanced solution for analyzing and monitoring telephone traffic. dCloud Devices are already configured and it’s enough to place a call to get the relevant costs reported into Imagicle Application Suite, allowing effective data-cost analysis through an advanced reporting system.

4. Cisco UC and Imagicle Digital Fax

Want to show an IP Fax server that enhances savings and productivity? Imagicle Stonefax is the right choice: service already up and running and it’s just matter of few clicks to send-receive Faxes on dCloud via Imagicle Web portal or directly into the Jabber clients.

5. Cisco UC and Imagicle Hospitality Services

Working in the Hospitality Vertical? Count on Imagicle and dCloud to show how it is possible to integrate a CuCM environment with Hotels PMS, adding the necessary hotel services. Show how effectively Imagicle solution can manage guest calls billing, check-in/check-out, wake-up calls and much more.


Long story short, you can use dCloud to get familiar with the latest Imagicle solutions and products, and even play around with them in a sandbox environment. All that’s needed to gain access to dCloud is to sign up for a free Cisco account.

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