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London calling. Imagicle is ready.

UC EXPO Roundup

“This must be the place”, someone once said. That’s right.
Last 15 and 16 May there was somewhere to be: it was UC EXPO, the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe.

Well, we didn’t miss the call.
We flew from our Italian branches straight to the Imagicle stand, truly excited to take part in this rendezvous point of the most advanced frontier of UC and IT industry, to network with experts and have a real market overview.

Highlights from UC Expo, London

  • Technology has an increasingly significant role in any modern organization’s growth strategy. Workforce mobility involves the use of enterprise UCaaS and the integration of AI into communication, with its potential applications for collaboration in enterprise messaging and meeting systems, telephony, and video conferencing.
  • Within private and public-sector businesses, there is the need for smarter practices of cloud-based collaboration, able to provide a more “connected” business space.

UK: Imagicle come into sight

To be fair, we didn’t know what to expect exactly from this event.
London, after all, always remains an important test to get the real value of your own offering from the market.

Finally, on this occasion, remote working with the English market has turned into a prolific direct contact, with Imagicle experts on the spot, ready to show the true potential of the Imagicle ApplicationSuite.

We wanted to make possible for our customers and partners to know firsthand our solutions, and the result was better than our wildest dreams. More than a hundred people took turns at our stand spending hours looking at our solutions in action and giving us amazing feedback. In one word (that I have often heard during those two days): brilliant!

Imagicle: all in one

Most people came to our booth asking details about our GDPR compliant Call Recording and Customer Service solution, but they ended up appreciating the whole suite.
Our walk-ins were truly fascinated by the expediency and the agility of a unique suite capable of providing an exceptional, easy experience from all devices with native integration with the leading UC platforms. Together with one support, one partner, one vendor.

The direct contact, in fact, had exactly this purpose: make our commitment in the English market straight and clear. That’s why we created a dedicated UK sales channel, managed by one of our Imagicle colleagues, Riccardo Rolfo.


London calling. Imagicle is ready.


It’s true that we already have a lot of popular end users in UK, but now we want to start building a trusted channel of Partners and get closer to our End-Customers.
It was a chance for a qualitative leap, and we took it.

Cisco: Broadsoft acquisition

Being personally in charge of developing the business with the Service Providers, I had a great chance to meet many of them again and even new ones. We could talk about their UCaaS strategies and the ways Imagicle can help them improve their offers.

Broadsoft was a recurring theme (beside, of course, the appreciations on Imagicle capability to enable any UCaaS offer! 🙂 ).
We wandered on how Cisco-BroadSoft acquisition may impact on SPs UCaaS offers, and on which platforms they should choose to empower their offers.

Several meetings have taken place at our corner. Basically, what has come to the fore is that SPs already using Cisco HCS without Broadsoft are considering to leverage this platform by enabling HCS-SA to extend and streamline the UCaaS services; SPs only using Broadsoft consider investing in Cisco HCS to enrich their cloud offering and the ones with both platforms will decide on customer needs basis, making these platforms coexist.

That confirmed the information daily collected with my work and during the latest Cisco HCS / UCaaS Business and Technical Summits in Richardson and Paris, and this is the context every company must take into account in the next future.

Imagicle keeps rocking

It was a truly inspiring experience, and when dinner time has finally arrived, although tired and dazed, we were aware that only a restaurant could worthily crown that incredible day: the legendary Hard Rock Cafè!




Now it is time to think about the next commitment. We’ll keep travelling up and down to make known our value proposition around the world, starting from our next stop in the US: Orlando. We are ready to do something Imagicle. Again.

Upcoming events

  • Cisco Partner Exchange, Orlando · June 7
  • Cisco Live US, Orlando · June 10-14
  • Cisco Master Collaboration, Paris · June 20
  • Cisco PVT, Amsterdam · June 25-28




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