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Imagicle: Winter Release 2019 greatest hits.

It's been an incredible season of research, innovation, and growth in the Imagicle development team. Discover the most remarkable news of the last Winter Release 2019 and prepare to get your communications off the ground.

Total development: high-speed highway from the team to the product.

Winter Release 2019 hasn’t been an ordinary one. 
Indeed, I would say that it’s been a real “breaking news” edition. Our research and development department was literally on fire: not only because we renewed some crucial products (I mean, we made a pink-skinned Attendant Console, guys!), but also because we did it with a team that was growing day by day just as the products were on the operating table. 
AI experts, web developers, IT engineers joined the Imagicle squad in a few months (or maybe were days?) with their background of skills, experiences, musical tastes. A real entry into medias res, no doubt, and an extra inclusive effort for our super Agile developer folk.
Imagicle: Winter Release 2019 greatest hits.
See, there is only a glass to separate the marketing department where I work from R&D’s (and a Webex Board from the rest of the team located in Treviso), so you can believe me: although I have no idea how to code, I was lucky enough to witness from the very first row to the event of creation (and unmerciful anxiety) that precedes the production of something exceptional. 
Let me tell you what came out of it.

Customer service as you’ve never pinked before.

The research that led to this release was intended to turn your needs into a higher level of functionality and offer you even more enjoyable and smart user experience. That’s why there was something we couldn’t really do without: you, your mood.
We know every day has a different color. That’s why we have worked to allow you to customize your daily tools with the color that best matches the mood of your non-ordinary days. Choose the skin of your Attendant Console and enjoy a light, intuitive, beautiful design created to streamline your job and give you a clear overview of all contacts, queues and activities.
And if it’s a very special day, pick a look that is worthy of it. What can be better than a pink interface to stand out from the crowd? 
Imagicle: Winter Release 2019 greatest hits.

Imagicle Attendant Console: your job made easier.

Yep, that’s right. The one you see below is a brand new Attendant Console, our operator console software solution renewed in design, usability, and features.
Check out this short video we created to show you all the news at a glance.

Let’s say you’re an operator. Every day you receive hundreds of calls. You have to place them on the right queues and transfer them to your colleagues as fast as possible to avoid congestion. You have a large number of corporate and external contacts, and sometimes, when you least expect it, you receive an urgent call that you wished you’d recorded so as not to lose essential details.
Imagine how simpler your job would be if everything worked most easily and intuitively. 
When you receive a call, you see the contact’s name, number, and photo. Plus, the country’s flag immediately tells you where he or she is calling from. 
After cheering your customer, you can drag&drop the call to your colleague, or, if he’s busy, put it on hold or queue it on his extension, maybe leaving a note. And when, out of the blue, the important call I mentioned earlier comes in, no sweat: you can trigger Call Recording directly from your Attendant Console, and use the start/stop option to skip sensitive data (avoiding a head-on collision with the well-known GDPR!).
Besides, to know if your colleagues are busy, you don’t have to take a walking tour of the office: all you need to do is taking a look at their presence status. In case they’re busy, you can notify them of a call and choose a ready-to-send template with the name and number of the person calling, so that they can deal with it as soon as they’re available.
Finally, when it’s time to take a break, just choose a pause reason among the available options and lock your PC session. Blue’s Attendant Console will automatically switch to pause state, so you stop being logged on a queue when you are away even if you forgot to change your presence status.
Easy peasy. slightly smiling face 

Everything you need at this exact moment: a quick outlook of your team.

Wait, are you not an operator but a supervisor
Well, then you’ll be happy to know that – in addition to the Silent Monitoring and Whisper Coaching functions to monitor and assist your agent during real-time customer interaction – we have introduced the new Active Calls Panel, so that you have an overview of all agent active calls with details on external number, call direction and duration. 
Active calls panel
Active calls panel

Now you really have everything under control, and whenever necessary you can smooth things out in no time. Nobody’s let down. 










Did you forget to press start? Live Keep function for Call Rec comes to rescue your calls.

If you are a bit distracted as I am, you know how often it happens to remember things late; maybe it’s just a small delay, but enough to do pretty big damages.
What if, during a call, you realize that the customer is giving relevant information that you need to report to a colleague or superior with the utmost precision, but you forgot to start recording on cue?
Thanks to the new Live Keep feature of Imagicle Call Recording, users can start a recording at any time during the call: the whole conversation will be recorded and stored from the very beginning. 
Imagicle: Winter Release 2019 greatest hits.
Thus, the recording methods become three:
1. Always On, to record all conversations automatically, without any users’ intervention;
2. On-Demand, to record only specific conversations;
3. Live Keep, to start recording your call while it’s already in progress.
Press the button at any time. This superhero-function will come to rescue your calls, retrieving them in full and keeping them safe and encrypted on your local server or an external NAS. 
We can rest easy: Live Keep doesn’t have a cape, but it saves us so much trouble!

Waiting for the Spring (Release) flowers.

These are just some of the highlights of the Winter Release 2019, but enough to form an impression of the path we are following. Each person who joins the team, indeed, participates in a personal and collective way to a project that is enriched day by day, increasingly refined around the needs of our customers and increasingly engaging for those who take part and for those who experience it from the outside.
From this side of the glass, we are committed to transforming into a clear and fancy message the hard work of research and development that the other-side-of-the-glass team has been carrying on for years – with passion, patience, determination, enthusiasm, constantly ready to question previous practices and always looking to the future.
Imagicle: Winter Release 2019 greatest hits.
The next destination is Spring Release 2019. Everything is ready for another great moment of innovation and creative outburst.
Here at the marketing side, we will take care of watering the flowers and delivering them to your home.
#stayimagicle #staybloomed


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