Elena Panzera Elena Panzera - 16 June, 2020 - 2 ’ read

Imagicle Unified Communications for Healthcare.

The importance of a synchronized and comprehensive communication system.

With the sudden increase in the number of patients due to the COVID-19 emergency, consequent rising in costs, and a shortage of medical personnel, hospitals and healthcare facilities are facing a crisis.

In order to deal with a growing demand for healthcare services and staffing shortages, healthcare providers must focus on enhancing the productivity of their existing staff through the use of efficient, centralized and easy-to-use tools that facilitate collaboration and internal and external communications.

Every minute the staff spends tracking, locating and retrieving information and colleagues reduces the time for patient care: that’s why, when lives are on the line, timely and efficient communication is key.

Why Imagicle.

The benefits of UC are amplified in those organizations that have many departments or branches in the same country and worldwide, in which the workers are highly mobile and communication among them is both critical and time-sensitive. But it’s also true that any healthcare facility benefits from an appropriate and functional UC system.

In this free Imagicle for Healthcare smart sheet, we tell you how you can use the Imagicle apps to:

  • improve quality of care by enhancing communication capabilities;
  • improve staff productivity and workflow efficiency;
  • increase patient and staff satisfaction due to better overall management, faster response times, and a centralized and secure sharing of information.


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