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Imagicle lands @ Cisco Live, San Diego.

CLUS 2019. Visibility, insight, action.

Like every year, this is the time when the Imagicle team packs and flies to Cisco Live (this year held in sun-shining California!), eager to learn new things, get inspired and share its increasingly advanced, cutting-edge UCX Suite with loads of product updates to improve and smooth your communications: new design and functionalities for the Attendant Console, new functions for Call Recording, gadgets for Cisco Jabber and Cisco Finesse, API automation for Advanced Queueing & Auto Attendant, simple installation and a fast-growing team of professionals you’ll fall in love with.
Imagicle lands @ Cisco Live, San Diego.
The Imagicle team has gathered from various parts of the world: I flew from Milan, some colleagues from other Italian offices, someone from the Dubai and Miami branches – and all super excited to immerse in these five days of sessions and hands-on training, learn about Cisco’s products and technologies, meet with Cisco fellows and enjoy some good vibes and live music! 
Plus, this year, we’ve been holding two different sessions in the Collaboration Village, which summarize two cornerstones of this year’s Imagicle journey. 
Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

You make possible. We make it work.

In line with this year’s communication trend and Cisco Live main theme, “You make possible”, – in an effort to use technology to build bridges, carve pathways and connect people and ideas –  we’ve been committed to making communications safer (and therefore more effective and reliable) and to take them as far as possible: on all devices and systems, from the office to the clouds. 
Securely, rapidly, anywhere anytime

Imagicle Call Recording. Smooth your communications.

This is why the first session, held by my colleague, Business Development Manager & Tech Advisor Michel Ravasio, was dedicated to the compliance of the Imagicle Call Recording tool with data security regulations, namely GDPR, PCI-DSS, MiFID II and HIPAA, regarding communications made in Europe and abroad. 
(Don’t know Imagicle Call Recording? Well, we need to fix this! Click here and discover the most advanced tool to capture and archive your calls and get voice recording capabilities for any Cisco Calling platform.)
The point is that, although no business welcomes extra regulatory bureaucracy, the penalties for not following the regulations on call recording are stringent, and this can imply friction in the flow of communications resulting in a worsening of the work activity and the global communication system of the company, both internally and towards customers.
Watch the video of the presentation and learn each regulation’s specific requirements and how Imagicle Call Recording can help you ensure regulatory compliance thanks to Audit-trail, data encryption, role-based access, and configurable data retention. 
Your communications will stay open, secure, possible.


New gadgets for Cisco Jabber and API integration: increase your communications, decrease your effort.

As you may have heard, another key theme of Cisco Live 2019 has been the commitment to provide not only products, but a whole experience of simple and unified communication.
It is no longer a matter of implementing a system, but of creating a sense of simplicity.
As explained by a recent Walker Information study: “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key differentiator.”
Imagicle lands @ Cisco Live, San Diego.
But when you have to use a number of applications that come from different vendors, run on different virtual machines and have different usability, the concept of simplicity is completely lost.
Think that companies use on average 122 different applications.
This led us to work to enable the integration of our applications into Cisco Jabber used by more than 35 millions of people around the world to deliver IM, voice/video calls, voice messaging, conferencing and presence -, and on the creation of APIs to integrate our solutions into the tools you use every day in your business.
The apps’ features explicitly designed by Imagicle for Cisco Jabber Desktop and Mobile will enhance this solution expanding its usefulness and potential: you’ll be able to call a contact stored in the external directories, quickly click and call the number showed on display, send faxes straight from Jabber, lock your phone, record a call, and much more. 
On the other hand, by integrating Imagicle APIs into your existing system, you’ll be able to enhance the tools you use for your daily communications without changing your habits, your interface, or your user experience. You’ll be free to focus on your work and take advantage of advanced tools that will make your life easier and your work more rewarding.
In short, you’ll be saving time, money, and energy.
That’s me gesturing a lot while I show Imagicle gadgets for Cisco Jabber and how API integration can help you streamline your job.
A truly Italian moment.
winking face 
Imagicle lands @ Cisco Live, San Diego.

See you next year. Faster, safer, happier.

Even this Cisco Live came to an end (after a memorable, never-disappointing closing party!).
We go back home with suitcases full of ideas, projects and new perspectives to develop.
Imagicle lands @ Cisco Live, San Diego.

We look forward to seeing what Cisco’s next moves will be, ready to keep walking side by side to make communications easier, safer and happier.




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