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Imagicle Customer Service: turning Gold into Platinum.

A little trip through the Imagicle support service. What makes us unique, how we got it, and what we are planning in the near future to continue making the difference in solving your issues the Imagicle way.

The short story of big growth.

Hi everyone!
I have always been longing to share the old-time story of my experiences at Imagicle, and this is the best chance I could ever get. 
I started in November 2001 as a fresh technical support engineer, skilled in English and German languages and computers (right, not even at that time we were afraid of the most disparate backgrounds!).
By then, our technical support department was composed of 4 elements, covering Italy and UK. 
We had a completely different approach compared to nowadays: we used to spend a lot of time on the phone to get things fixed and had to learn a lot. 
Imagicle Customer Service: turning Gold into Platinum.

Our business is happy customers.

Today, after many years spent learning, training, and practicing, we have developed methods and skills that help us support customers within minutes. Literally.
Still, back then, we would never give up, as our main scope is and has always been customer satisfaction. All our growth, though – the brand identity, our sales approach, a transparent sharing of information – has increasingly developed around our core business: people.
Day by day, we make treasure of each single request, timely communicating with our development team in case of leaks and chain issues.
After all, as you know, a happy customer will be giving you much more visibility than any advertisement could ever do. 

Me and my colleagues from the technical support department developed a high sensitivity for customer care, which led us to what we are today: not just a department, but a vital part of Imagicle, a way of thinking, always positive, always customer-oriented, always smiling. smiling face with open mouth
Imagicle Customer Service: turning Gold into Platinum.

An easy way to ask for assistance. So many ways to help you.

Today the department has grown up considerably, with a total of 9 people, including a support manger and team leaders, distributed over several worldwide branches, offering 7 supported languages and 4 time zones (and we’re still growing at the speed of light!).
But what is the most significant benefit you can find in the Imagicle Support team? (Little spoiler: it will make your life easier! nerd face)
As you know, usually you would use several applications, developed by different software houses, each one offering a separate customer care department. But that’s not what we offer to you.
Imagicle UCX Suite includes all the solutions you need, on one single web portal. And guess what? One support, one phone number (or one email) for any of the solutions you need help for.
Any of us is trained to support you for any of our applications, in any supported environment. 
(Just call and try us!)
Our customers can reach us in a number of ways: a phone call is always welcome, an email will generate a ticket too, but the best way to raise a trouble ticket is definitely using our web portal, which allows you to enter all the information we require to troubleshoot your issue, including license number and files to be uploaded. 
This last contact method definitely helps us assisting you the quickest way possible as your ticket is automatically dispatched by our super-duper-Distribution Engine, which finds the Imagicle office closest to your time zone, even considering your preferred language and assigns your request to the most suitable engineer.
Imagicle Customer Service: turning Gold into Platinum.

A glimpse into the future.

And now I need some drum roll, please. drumdrumdrum 
Freshly baked from our oven of creations, a Platinum Support service: subscribers can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will be there in the wink of an eye! 
We’re not just customer care or a support service: we are your reference to be safe and sound – the right people at the right time whenever you have critical services that must be in good working conditions, always.
So, guys, sit back and relax: you are in very good hands, and we are always ready to help you!


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