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Imagicle @ Cisco Impact

Read through the article and find out what Cisco executive leadership pulled out of the hat during these days in the entertainment capital of the world.

It’s Vegas, baby!

It took me an entire day to reach Las Vegas from Pisa, Tuscany, my hometown – straight from the leaning tower to the Nevada desert. But as soon as I met my colleagues, landed in Vegas after an equally long journey from other parts of Europe, America or the Middle East, already full of energy and enthusiasm for the days to come, I realized it would have been worth it.

Imagicle @ Cisco Impact

Together we shared the pride and joy of having been chosen by Cisco as the only Italian company to participate in this great kick-off event, organized every year to update sales force on the company strategy, industry updates, competitive insights and much more.

Well, of course we were in good company: Apple, Sap, Deloitte were just some of our classmates.

For the second year in a row, we have met in person Cisco people from all over the world; we shook hands, got up to date in front of a good cup of coffee, and live-showed all the news of our Imagicle UCX Suite.

Once again, we have plunged into the Cisco world, among peers who share with us the passion for innovation and for the creation of technologies that make communication easier.

Our contribution to the ecosystem of the future.

The Imagicle UCX Suite’s Summer Release 2019 has brought huge news in the Imagicle story. During these three fantastic days, we had the opportunity to introduce them to the Cisco people.
I’m talking mainly about:

  • Imagicle Cloud Licensing, to make our partners and customers’ licenses’ activation and renewal faster, smarter and easier. Thanks to an easy-to-use Cloud licensing portal, it’s possible to access a Smart Account to activate licenses and get a real-time view of all activities.
  • A brand-new Platinum Support Plan, an increased service for a 24/7/365 assistance, with Gold Service Level Agreement and operation during working hours. An on-call duty service will be available outside working hours with a skilled professional ready to help you whenever you need advice on upgrades and migrations, software configuration reviews, etc., and, last but not least, a new Proactive Support with a continuous health-check of your Imagicle Application Suite through a safe connection to the Imagicle Cloud will make sure that everything always works smoothly.

The aim is to offer our customers and partners increasingly flexible and innovative tools for using and managing our applications.
And, of course, getting closer to the clouds. ⛅

Imagicle @ Cisco Impact

Next-gen capabilities. Reaching new heights.

And now let’s see what the main innovations announced by the Cisco crew were.

The clearest thing that emerged during this year’s Cisco Impact was the attention dedicated to Cisco Webex Calling, 5G, and Cisco UCM Cloud offer:

The Cisco® Unified Communications Manager Cloud (Cisco UCM Cloud) is part of Cisco’s Cloud Calling portfolio powered by Cisco’s collaboration technology – Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco UCM). The service offers voice, video, messaging, meeting, and mobility solutions with the features and benefits of Cisco IP phones, mobile devices, and desktop clients.

Cisco UCM Cloud is part of the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan set of offers, which includes key Cisco commercial and administrative tools to facilitate the go-to-market and common subscription plans, including Webex Teams™ and Webex® Meetings.

Cisco UCM Cloud is hosted and operated by Cisco in North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and Japan.

Imagicle is ready and aligned with the UCM Cloud offer.
Very soon our offer with our Private Cloud will be spread all over the world. But ssshhh, this is secret and I can’t say more… but let me give you an advice: stay tuned!

See you at the next events!

  • Sept. 18th: Cisco East Partner Organisation, Herndon, United States
  • Sept. 23/24th: Cisco Partner Club, Riccione, Italy
  • Sept. 26th: Infraday South, Houston, United States
  • Oct. 3/4th: BITS Connect Live, New Jersey, United States
  • Oct. 6/10th: GITEX, Dubai
  • Oct. 8th: Cisco Connect Washington DC, United States
  • Oct. 10th: Cisco Connect, New Jersey, United States
  • Oct. 11th: VEMFWD 2020, Parma, Italy
  • Nov. 13th: Cisco Connect Boston, United States
  • Nov. 13/15th: Cisco Partner Summit, Las Vegas, United States
  • Dec. 12th: Cisco Master Collaboration, Paris, France




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