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Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

Governments and PAs are required to meet high standards while running on a tight budget. This risk combination might lead citizens to a poor customer experience, delays, and frustration for not finding the answers they’re looking for. But Imagicle Conversational AI is here to change this.

“Public Administration works bad”. How many times have you heard it?

Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

Public Administrations and Governments are the reference point for an impressive number and variety of citizen requests. Anything regarding personal documents, IDs, waste collection, taxes, legal procedures, etc., goes through municipality office staff that is often short of people and forced to work with telephony and technology systems that are years behind what the new digital world requires

This leads to a lack of online resources and procedures and limited office hours, which are the complete opposite of what citizens require.

Let’s face it: the world is going through a digital revolution that Governments and PAs struggle to keep up with. With 60% of all customer service engagements expected to be delivered via digital and self-service channels by 2023, these organizations can’t afford not to overcome the digital challenge they’re facing. 

Being stuck on paper documents, slow PCs, and one-phone-per-office situations while citizens expect not to leave the house to sign documents and reach organizations via channels such as Whatsapp, Telegram, and Google is not sustainable.

And that’s where Conversational AI comes into play.

Imagicle Conversational AI for Government. Close to citizens at all times.

Imagicle Conversational AI automates conversations through natural interactions and integrates chat and voice channels with virtual and human agents to improve customer and employee experience. 

Every request is managed by a virtual assistant via voicebot or chatbot in real time, through the citizen’s favorite channel, with the option of transferring to an operator when needed. If you wish to learn more, you can read our Conversational AI blog post.

Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

If applied to Governments and PAs needs, Conversational AI truly has what it takes to catalyze modernity and innovation that can bring customer satisfaction to a higher level, erasing the opportunity for citizens to say that “Public Administration doesn’t work.” 

Suppose operators have to run to the phone every 5 minutes to cater to requests that may or may not be of their competence. With Conversational AI, in that case, they can benefit from a virtual assistant available to help them with easy and repetitive tasks at any time of day, seven days a week, freeing them up to take care of more complex and pressing matters, minimizing errors or overlooks.

If now citizens have to wait for the few hours a week when the office is open to call and ask for information, with Conversational AI, they can do it wherever and whenever they want, seven days a week, 365 days a year, through the channel they like most: Whatsapp, Telegram, Website, etc. And they will receive the information they’re looking for promptly and automatically, whether it’s information about waste collection or a document they need to sign.

Let’s see some concrete use cases of Conversational AI for the government world without any further ado.

Offices are always open.

At any time and wherever the user may be, they can ask for information about services, procedures, regulations, documentation, etc.

Limited office hours and agent knowledge are no longer a problem. Conversational AI will always deliver the right information and more: it will acquire citizen data in a compliant way, filling up potential gaps in files and allowing governments to improve and customize their services.

Smart bookings.

Thanks to bots, voice, and chat, the user can make reservations and manage appointments automatically and rapidly without waiting for a free operator and eliminating queues and waiting times. See the example below.

Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

Easy and guided access to information.

Not only are information delivered in real time: Conversational AI also guides the user through the necessary procedures to complete their requests, eliminating those long phone calls where users who are lost ask for what to do. And, of course, removing citizens’ frustration when they don’t understand how a process works.

Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

More efficient employees.

With Conversational AI taking care of repetitive tasks, the staff is free to tackle more complex inquiries and make the PA machine more efficient. Moreover, Conversational AI is also perfect for user-to-user interactions, making it easy to collaborate remotely. It aligns all information and protocols into one screen, eliminating the “he said, she said” effect and giving staff the possibility to prioritize their tasks better.

Improved services, but on a budget.

You might wonder if Conversational AI will fit your organization’s tight budget. And the answer is yes: we’re talking about a single platform taking care of your communications all-round, integrated with your calling platform and Imagicle’s inbound call management system. A single platform, easy to use with no training, increases your customer service results and productivity.

Conversational AI for Government: webinar ahead.

Watch the upcoming Conversational AI webinar to dig deeper into its use cases.

How does Conversational AI work?

If you wish to know more about this topic, read here. To resume, take a look at the diagram below:

Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

As you can see, the request that arrives via chat is first decoded by an NLU system (Natural Language Understanding that leverages AI to understand what a piece of text means), then the “brain” of the system understands the true intent of the user. 

At this point, thanks to NLG (Natural Language Generation), it responds adequately to the request.

If it is a voice request, the system works the same way, but at the beginning of the process, an STT system (Speech to text) transforms the voice into text before passing it to the NLU. At the end of the process, a TTS (Text to speech) system can vocalize the response.

When the system’s brain realizes that the request is too complex or the caller wants a “human” interaction, the operator can intervene directly via chat or by telephone. In the second case, the call can be addressed using our Advanced Queueing algorithms and managed by the operator through our amazing Imagicle Attendant Console.

A complete suite of apps. More than a simple platform.

Imagicle Conversational AI is just one of many apps inside the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite – the complete set of UC apps available behind a single pane of glass to simplify deployment, administration, and use; enriched with AI/ML and conversational experiences to keep up with the new, more digital world.

Conversational AI for Governments. Artificial Intelligence for happier citizens.

By pairing Conversational AI with the other apps in the Suite, governments can reach a whole new level of automation, digital advancement, productivity, and overall happiness in their work. 

To give you some examples, Call Recording helps regulate disputes and retrieve information quickly and compliantly. Call Analytics allows for staying on track with the telephone budget by keeping track of it automatically across the organization, even in a hybrid work model. Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant allows more organized and professional management and routing of calls, and so on.

Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite.

Would you like to see how it works? Book a free demo today!


Staff shortage, tight budgets, and outdated technologies are the tip of the iceberg of the government’s challenges. Conversational AI, able to automate all types of conversations and requests, is what it takes to bring customer service to a ten with minimum effort. At the same time, staff gets to communicate more efficiently. All citizens will receive what they’re looking for in minutes, at any time of day, regardless of office opening hours. Agents will have fewer requests to take care of, thus having the opportunity to prioritize their work better.

Don’t wait for the next complaint. Invest in Conversational AI today.

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