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Imagicle Call Recording is a centralized call recording solution for Cisco UC platforms perfect for cloud and hosted environment.

It's easy to use, reliable, flexible and at the right price, dedicated to any company that needs to record calls either for critical services with legal requirements, for operator training or just to keep track of important calls.

It offers three recording modes: Always On, to record every call automatically; On Demand, for only those conversations that need to be recorded, and Live Keep, to start recording at any time during the phone call and get it registered from the start.

Imagicle Call Recording it is Cisco and BroadWorks Compatible and it is also available for subscription on Cisco GPL Solutions +.

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On Premises
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There are moments you don't want to miss.

Record them.

Whether your organization needs to record every call for legal reasons (emergency services, telephone orders, etc.), or you want to give your employees the option of recording important calls, or to be able to play back a new sales person or operator's call for training purposes, Imagicle Call Recording is the solution for you.
Flexible enough to adapt to any scenario, reliable and secure as required for your calls, easy to use and available to every one of your employees.

There are moments you don't want to miss.

Record them.

Whether your organization needs to record every call for legal reasons (emergency services, telephone orders, etc.), or you want to give your employees the option of recording important calls, or to be able to play back a new sales person or operator's call for training purposes, Imagicle Call Recording is the solution for you.
Flexible enough to adapt to any scenario, reliable and secure as required for your calls, easy to use and available to every one of your employees.



The new specific regulations involve the way companies need to record phone calls and keep them secure and protected.
Imagicle Call Recording has been designed with features and flexibility to match the requirements of them.


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January 3rd, 2018
European financial companies as banks, trader, broker, fund managers

May 25th, 2018
Worldwide companies managing EU citizens' data

June 30th, 2018
Worldwide organization that store, process or transmit cardholder data

US companies managing all forms of PHI, including paper, oral,and electronic


A unified experience from all your devices.

Imagicle Call Recording is available on Cisco Phones, Cisco Jabber Desktop and Mobile, Cisco Finesse and Imagicle Attendant Console


Cisco Call Recording

Even outside the office.

Imagicle Call Recording also lets you record conversations when you're not at your desk. With "free seating" mode, you can record a conversation by activating a conference from a different location, entering your PIN.

If you need to record company calls intended for colleagues who answer from their cell phone or a phone not on the network, such as for an on-call service, you can do it automatically in Network-Based Recording mode or by triggering a conference from your mobile phone and by optionally entering a numeric PIN or User ID.


Start stop REC
Cisco Call Recording

Decide when
and what to record.

Start/stop your recordings by pressing a button on your device, for On Demand mode (compliant with GDPR regulation). You can also pause and resume the recording to skip sensitive information, as credit card data (compliant with PCI-DSS regulation).

Available on Cisco Phone via XML, Cisco Jabber Desktop, Cisco FInesse and Attendant Console.


It was an important call but you didn't start the recording on cue?

With the Live Keep feature on active calls, you can start recording at any time. Imagicle Call Recording will record your calls from the very beginning, without losing a second.

Cisco Call Recording

whenever you want.

IP Fax Server

Search and playback your calls whenever they are saved through a simple Web interface, or quickly sign in to Jabber gadget. Receive the recording directly on your email at the end of every call, at your very convenience.  

In case you need to playback your recent recordings, you can also do it directly from your phone.

Cisco Call Recording

Cisco Call Recording

Save and archive your calls safely.

All the recordings are locally saved and indexed on the Imagicle server, using the MS SQL Server database in the Suite or on any external server keeping all the security settings and conversation policy. Anyway, you can easily search your calls for any field (by date, tenant-group, agent, extension, etc..).

Thanks to SIPS and SRTP protocols support, content and recording details are encrypted and only authorized persons will be able to playback the recording, using a specific password, through a Web interface and from Jabber.

Compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FSA normatives thanks to recordings watermarking and audit of user access.

Cisco Call Recording

Customize it to your own specific needs.

IP Fax Server

Using the easy to use web interface, you can define the calls that must be recorded defining the settings you want such as kind of calls (incoming, outgoign, both), traffic type (internal, external, both), black list calls, permissions, data retention policies and much more.


A report for every need

Three brand new reports to constantly monitor, analyze and controll your call recordings.


  • Billing for Cisco  

    RECORDING LIST: Filter by data, duration or notes and export in PDF, Excel or Word format.

  • Billing for Cisco

    SPECIFIC ANALYSIS BY VOLUME: Filter data by user – groups of users– server or tenant.

  • Billing for Cisco

    BUSY CHANNELS: Filter by data and see when the recorder has reached the limit. You can also view any damage or loss.


Unfied experience for all the tools you use everyday.

Ready to respond to changing needs and new workspace standards, Imagicle UC Suite provides customers a unified experience within all tools thanks to the Imagicle Gadgets.

jabber gadgets Tabs

"This call is about to be recorded..".

Imagicle Call Recording offers you a variety of options to inform callers that their call is about to be recorded, indipendently from the chosen recording method.

You can add a custom message for your incoming or outgoing calls, notifying the caller that the call will be recorded, without any additional app.

Thanks to the support of CURRI protocol and Agent Greeting (have a look at "Architecture section"), Imagicle Call Recording is now able to playback audio messages that are easily configurable on Imagicle Call Recording web portal and your Cisco UC system.



Cisco Call Recording



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The solution your industry is looking for.

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Keep the staff efficient and connected with Imagicle cost-effective HIPAA and GDPR compliant apps and services for collaborative healthcare.



Eliminate paper and expensive hardware devices, enhance internal interaction, maximize resources and extend citizen services.



Provide a consistent user experience through devices and institutes, simplify the admin work and support remote learning environments.



Improve collaboration, support flexible work options and get the reporting capabilities businesses need to perform at a high level.

Polytechnic of Namibia NORM
Unified Communications

Thousand of happy customers.
Unified Communications


In 1994, it was the first institution of higher learning established in Namibia.Today, with two campuses, it has over 11,000 students and almost 700 faculty and staff.

In migrating to a Cisco UC system, the Polytechnic adopted all Imagicle suite solutions:
accounting & billing, paired with the budget control module and the phone lock solution, provided complete control over the more than 1,000 extensions, preventing unauthorized telephone use and guaranteeing respect of the telephone budget.

At the same time, its 50 customer service workstations handle vast numbers of calls from the university, while the Imagicle fax server replaced the old fax machines.



Polytechnic of Namibia


Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Billing - Budget Control
Phone Lock
Operator Desk - ACD
Advanced directories
IP Fax Server

Platform: Cisco UCM


 “We chose Imagicle for our operator's workstation, but appreciated it for the entire suite and for the support.” 

Matteo Briotto - IT Manager

For over 50 years, Gabriellie has been selling and processing steel in Italy.
With six different companies, over 180,000 sq. m of industrial plant throughout northern Italy, the entire group now employs over 1,200 people.

When switching to Cisco UCM 9.1, it was natural to choose Imagicle solutions because they guaranteed Gabrielli would receive all the functions it needed while improving those of UC without compromise.

Case History >>



Gruppo Gabrielli Spa

Processing steel

Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Operator Console - ACD
Advanced directories
Audio Skype Gateway
Accounting & Billing

Platform: Cisco UCM 9.1


 “One of the finest support services I've ever tried” 

David Lawson - IT Analyst

Cubiks is an international consulting firm that designs and provides services for human resources assessment and development.
Over 1,000 clients in 50 countries use Cubiks solutions.

The company chose the Imagicle directory management solution for the guaranteed support service ready to answer any question in six different languages.




Human resources

Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Advanced directory

Platform: Cisco UCM


With over 200 production units in 41 countries, Sibelco is a world leader in the extraction and processing of natural raw materials used in a wide range of applications.

Sibelco Europe is involved in a project to manage its sites in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, England and Norway using a single Cisco UCM cluster.
In collaboration with FAR Networks, which is managing the migration process, the Italian and Belgian site have already implemented Imagicle solutions for telephone traffic control and centralized directory management, which has been personalized for speed dial numbers.
Thanks to the successful use of Imagicle apps, management has decided to extend the services to the other European sites in the near future.




Minerali industriali

Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Accounting & Billing
Advanced Directory
Speed dial

Platform: Cisco UCM


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