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Six reasons to attend the Imagicle for Webex Calling Virtual Roadshow

Registration for the Imagicle for Webex Calling Virtual Roadshow is officially open! After last year’s It’s Cloud Time, Imagicle is back in the game of virtual events with a 100% online and free roadshow that will make you reimagine the way you use Webex.  

Six reasons to attend the Imagicle for Webex Calling Virtual Roadshow

More than 10M users trust Webex Calling for its reliability and powerful calling features. An outstanding calling platform on its own, Webex Calling can be further enhanced with the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite, offering market-exclusive native integrations for better collaboration & communications. Call Recording, Attendant Console, Digital Fax, and Call Analytics are the very main characters of the upcoming Imagicle for Webex Calling Virtual Roadshow: 1,5 hours of demos, use cases, and insights to take your Webex Calling experience to the next level. In your language, in your time zone.

The event starts on September 20th and ends on October 23rd – a whole month to virtually travel worldwide and sparkle the magic of Imagicle + Cisco everywhere. If you’re convinced already, choose your time zone and register here – If you need more insights first, keep reading and discover the 6 reasons why you should attend.

Six sessions. Dive into the power of Cisco + Imagicle.

After a brief intro, the event will officially start with an overview of Webex Calling, including features to communicate & collaborate in a flexiblesecure, and hybrid way.

The second session will add a piece to the puzzle: you’ll dive deep into why the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite is the perfect match for Webex Calling, being the most complete set of UC apps on the market to improve productivity and streamline migrations to the Cloud through a unified user experience

Not least of all, the last four sessions are the core of this Virtual Roadshow, the element that will help you understand what value Imagicle brings to Webex Calling. You’ll get a deep dive into every single Imagicle product that natively integrates with Webex Calling, with use cases, demos, and more:

  • Imagicle Call Recording, the complete 100% Cloud solution for recording Webex Calling MT and DI calls with pause/resume. Compliant, globally available, with Screen Recording & Voice Analytics, accessible via Webex App.
  • Attendant Console, the only one that’s fully integrated with MT and DI, providing a seamless customer service solution working with the Webex App. With Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant for a complete experience.
  • When migrating to Webex Calling, companies expect a seamless fax experience, and there’s only one solution that can provide it: explore Imagicle Digital Fax, the only approved virtual fax server available in Control Hub allowing to send and receive faxes directly from the Webex App regardless of your PSTN.
  • Fully integrated with Webex Calling MT and DI, Call Analytics enhances the native control Hub built-in reporting tool with more than 50 reports on telephone traffic and costs. Discover how easy it can be to keep track of your Webex Calling calls.

There will be field experts. There will be Imagicle people ready to answer all your questions in Q&A sessions. There will be rewards. But, most importantly, there will be insights into the tech & comms world you can’t miss. And it’s free!

Are you coming?

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