Spring Release 2022. Take your Spring to the Cloud!


The new Imagicle Spring Release 2022 is coming! 🌷

Lots of new features will soon be available, making your journey to the Cloud with Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite even easier, faster, and greener than ever (3,7 MTCO2e emissions saved thanks to the Cloud in the last year).

✅ Full integration with Webex Calling:

  • Automatic users synchronization from Control Hub. Your user’s list will be synced automatically to your Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite, making it easier to do updates without needing to edit users one by one in case of changes. Moreover, there will be no necessity for a dedicated instance, nor on-premises infrastructure and connectors. Plus, you’ll get the list of colleagues on your Attendant Console in a flash.
  • Log in via Webex’s Single sign-on (SSO) to all Imagicle applications: access your Imagicle services easily using the same user credentials for Webex, granting you an identical user experience and highly secure access everywhere.

✅ A comprehensive dashboard for Voice Analytics with a full set of reports given a specific period: overall sentiment, sentiment trends, breakdown, most recurring words for both negative and positive calls, and more

… and much more! Stay tuned! 😎

Marco Rullo
Senior R&D Manager Product Owner - Unified Communications
Marco Cerri
Senior R&D Manager Product Owner - Cloud Services