Imagicle + MS Teams. Elevate the user experience.

Tech Lab

Today, every workplace faces new challenges that transform the way we workcommunicate, and collaborate. In this scenario, your daily tools become crucial, especially when involving integration and hybrid environments.

We’ve worked hard to integrate our Imagicle UC Cloud Suite with MS Teams, aiming to boost user experience wherever you are.


✅ Imagicle UC Cloud Suite for MS Teams: all the app you need to boost your daily work (manage calls easily and record them securely, analyze call traffic, and so much more!)
✅ Live demo of Attendant Console to make, answer, hang up and transfer calls to your colleagues straight from your MS Teams.
✅ Live demo of the Imagicle gadgets (Call Recording, Contact Manager, Digital Fax, and Call Analytics).
✅ Q&A


Michel Ravasio
Country Manager - US