Imagicle Attendant Console + gadgets for Webex Calling.

Tech Lab

What are the real benefits of integrating the Imagicle solutions with Webex Calling? Discover it firsthand with a live demo.

What applications will we cover?

  • Our top-level Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant. A fully Cloud solution that leverages native Webex API to control your Webex Client and IP Phone.
  • Imagicle gadgets (Call Recording, Contact Manager, Digital Fax, and Call Analytics) available directly inside your Webex client.

✅ Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite quick overview
✅ Imagicle Attendant Console for Webex Calling: boost your Customer Service.
✅ Imagicle gadgets for Webex Calling. Elevate your customer & user experience with plenty of essential features.
✅ Live Demo – Attendant Console. Make, answer, hang up and transfer calls to your colleagues easily.
✅ Live Demo – Imagicle gadgets. Record calls safely, search for contacts easily, send/receive virtual faxes, monitor calls with dedicated reports.
✅ Q&A

Michel Ravasio
Senior Country Manager - US