Take your Webex Calling offer to the next level with Imagicle.

Sales Lab

Discover how to further enhance Webex Calling with the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite: by breaking the migration barrier, it enriches your offer, boosts your revenues, and gives customers a user experience so next-level that they will never want to go back. 

Here a sneak peek of the exclusive Imagicle’s integrations:

  • The ONLY Attendant Console for both Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated, also compatible with UCM and HCS, complete with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant services.
  • Digital Fax, natively integrated with Webex Calling to deliver a 100% cloud-based solution to send/receive faxes also from the Webex client.
  • Call Recording + Voice Analytics + Screen Recording, providing – on top of Cloud Call Recording for DI – support for MT coming soon.
  • Call Analytics, soon available for Webex Calling MT and DI to analyze telephone traffic.

…And many more to discover during the webinar!

Omar Radwan
Channel Sales DACH, CEE & APJC