Why hotels choose Cisco and Imagicle for their telephone services.

Sales Lab

Discover how to integrate customers’ PMS with Cisco & Imagicle while adding the missing services customers need to improve their hotels’ guests experience with Imagicle Hotel Services:

  • Complete integration with more than 100 PMS (i.e. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management, Oracle Hospitality Cruise SPM, Infor, Protel, Galaxy, etc.);
  • Comprehensive bundle of applications to manage the connection with the PMS (Hotel Link), monitoring calls flows and phone usage (Call Analytics), lock/unlock room phones (Phone Lock) and provide voice mail to room phones (SSAM)
  • Enables room IP phoneswake-up callsguests’ name’s and room status
  • Optional services available (Advanced Queuing, Attendant Console, Digital Fax, Contact Manager, and Call Recording);
  • And so much more!
Olga Nevzorova
Former Sales CEE & Africa