Call Recording for business calling,​​​​​​​ legal compliance and beyond. (EMEAR)

Sales Lab

Ensuring regulatory compliance, maintaining data security, and leveraging interaction analysis for quality assurance and training is becoming more and more crucial.

Join us for a comprehensive webinar on Imagicle Call Recording, a cutting-edge solution designed to address these challenges and help your business not only meet compliance requirements but also allowing you to gain insights on your customer behaviour with advanced tools to analyze calls with transcription, sentiment analysis and screen recording.


  • Who is Call Recording for? Discover why and how Large enterprises, Sales Teams, Customer Service Centers, Legal Professionals, and more should leverage this solution.
  • Which challenges bring businesses to acquire a Call Recording and how to overcome them?
  • Solution for success: beyond call recording and compliance. Why Imagicle Call Recording is different. 
  • Q&A: share your business case and we’ll provide a dedicated 1:1 solution. 
Omar Radwan
Channel Sales DACH, CEE & APJC