Summer ’23 – Call Analytics for Webex Calling MT: new reporting features.


Webex Calling reporting needs are changing. Breaking down hunt groups, queues, and IVRs by themselves is not enough anymore. For example, you know the customer was placed in single IVRs/queues, but was the call actually served in the end?
In the next months, Imagicle Call Analytics – the only solution adding 50+ reports to Control Hub – will get ready to produce new reports tracking the whole life of the call at a glance, from first ring to answer. 
Join the webinar and discover a preview:

  • How Call Analytics extends the Control Hub built-in tool, improving the analysis of telephone traffic and costs.
  • What metrics will be included in the new reports.
  • How you can leverage the solution to train agents and improve your customer service.
Marco Rullo
Senior R&D Manager Product Owner - Unified Communications