31 January, 2022

It’s Cloud Time! Imagicle Cisco-dedicated Virtual Event. Available On-Demand

Looking for the easiest way to migrate enterprise UCs to the Cloud?

☁️ It’s Cloud Time! ☁️ is the event for you!
The first, fully Cisco-dedicated Imagicle virtual event, taking place March 15-16-17 2022.

Did you miss the live debut?

Don’t worry! All sessions are available on-demand!

It's Cloud Time! Imagicle Cisco-dedicated Virtual Event. Available On-Demand

What will you find in the on-demand materials?

March 15 – Product Track

The journey to the Cloud

Elevate your calling experience with Imagicle’s solutions for Webex Calling. Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant, Call Recording with Voice Analytics, Digital Fax, Call Analytics, and more! Plus, an exclusive preview of the AI-powered Imagicle Conversational AI.


March 16 – Tech Track

Secure and easy Cloud Migration

Road to happy customers. A complete overview of how to handle customer onboarding, upgrades, and maintenance; how to connect, configure, and manage the security of the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite; and top onboarding and support services behind the scenes..


March 17 – Sales Track

Selling Cloud like a pro

Beat the competition and build the perfect Cloud offer: expert insights, an overview of the Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite’s offer now available on Cisco GPL S+ and how to create a quote, an overview of resources and benefits of being our partner, and more!


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