28 March, 2023

Imagicle announces the availability of Call Recording for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant

Imagicle Call Recording – the solution that allows compliance recording and voice AI analysis of all company calls on any device – is officially available in Webex Control Hub, making it available for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and bringing value to all its users worldwide.
Call Recording captures all internal and external Webex Calling conversations in Always On and On Demand modes, with Pause/Resume, protecting data and meeting security regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.
Imagicle Call Recording has been part of the Imagicle integrations for Cisco for a really long time, but today the manageability of the solution directly from Control Hub takes it a step further.

Imagicle“Imagicle Call Recording fully integrates with Webex Calling Multi-Tenant and Dedicated Instance, granting an easy migration to the Cloud and, finally, it gives you the choice to choose your favorite Cloud App directly from Control Hub.”, says Christian Bongiovanni, Co-CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Imagicle. “The direct management from the Control Hub brings a fast and easy solution configuration, and adds value to Webex Calling with a Call Recording solution that also brings Screen Recording and Voice Analytics functionalities, granting the complete picture of customer interactions.”

While Screen Recording captures agents’ computer desktop activities during calls to get the complete picture of customer interactions, Voice Analytics increases sales and improves customer journey by analyzing recorded voice calls through AI-driven transcriptions and sentiment analysis.
Call Recording is not the first solution to be made available from the Webex Control Hub. In fact, Digital Fax came before it, and Attendant Console for Webex Calling was already there.

Imagicle announces the availability of Call Recording for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant

“After the general availability of Imagicle Attendant Console for Webex Calling followed by Digital Fax in Control Hub, Cisco welcomes Imagicle Call Recording, bringing innovation to all Webex users around the world. says Kai Xu, Director – BD and Strategic Alliances – North America. “Plus, the Imagicle Call Recording gadget directly inside the Webex App is the icing on the cake to build a frictionless experience.”

The Imagicle Call Recording gadget for Webex allows easy access, management, and replay of recordings directly from the Webex App, on any device, making recording management easier than ever.

What about compliance?

Of course, Call Recording is compliant with regulations such as GDPR, MiFID II, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA thanks to proper encryption, audit-trail, and more. In fact, recorded calls are encrypted with secure SIPs and SRTP protocols, with advanced user profiling for rule-based access and flexible retention time, uniting compliant day-to-day work with the benefit of recording screen and calls and interaction analysis to improve customer service and retention.

Imagicle announces the availability of Call Recording for Webex Calling Multi-Tenant

Imagicle is a private multinational company, headquartered in Italy and founded in 2010 from themerge of two companies. Imagicle develops and provides a unique Suite of UC and Contact Center apps with AI and Conversational omnichannel solutions from the Cloud and in mixed environments, granting the flexibility, security, and innovation needed in the new hybrid, and more digital, world.
With an international team of 117 people distributed in Europe (Italy, France, UK, Spain) MiddleEast (UAE, KSA) and North America, working together with a network of 300+ partners, serviceproviders and resellers – their unique sales channel – Imagicle helps enterprise customers and midsize businesses to make their communications faster, smarter and easier, empowering andextending the services of their calling and contact centers platforms.

Bernardo Federigi | Senior Marketing Manager | bernardo.federigi@imagicle.com

Kai Xu | BD and Strategic Alliances – North America | kai.xu@imagicle.com

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