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How to empower customer service with Imagicle. 

Ever wondered what you can do to achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention? Now more than ever, companies need reliable solutions and strategies that can be implemented quickly in order to keep up with customer expectations.

Today, 80% of business communications take place over the phone, and customer service statistics show that these interactions can make or break a business:

Customers today expect an exceptional service, something that can’t be achieved through old mindsets such as only answering queries during office time, only providing one communication channel, or missing calls and taking forever to call back.

Even though phone calls are still the main point of contact, today customers also want to use their preferred communication channels, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, to receive support.

How to empower customer service with Imagicle. 

With Imagicle, organizations are empowered with solutions that streamline end-user support processes and empower agents across all departments with unified access to critical data, such as voice analysis and KPIs. From analytics insights into team performance to automatic responses 24/7 – Imagicle has everything necessary to increase efficiency and deliver superior service. 

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Imagicle for Business Calling and Contact Center. Improving Experience, Self Service, Capture and Analysis.

How to empower customer service with Imagicle. 

Experience & Self Service.

In the current digital era, customers prefer multiple avenues of communication with businesses, aligning with their comfort, convenience, and urgency. They seek seamless transitions between phone calls, emails, social media, instant messaging, and even AI-enhanced chatbots for round-the-clock communications. Catering to this need, Imagicle introduces the power of Conversational AI into an efficient Attendant Console

Conversational AI enhances self-service capabilities through intelligent, natural language responses, available 24/7 while the Imagicle Attendant Console ensures that no call goes unanswered, fostering customer trust and satisfaction, and allows agents to seamlessly switch between chat and voice.

Moreover, the Conversational AI chatbots can easily escalate to a human agent if needed – and while the customer will have multiple touchpoints, agents will see all the chats from their Attendant Console, which brings together voice and chats seamlessly for a single communication management point.

Capture & Analyze

Giving customers the opportunity to open up a conversation via written communication is great. But we all know that, for critical issues, a human voice on the other hand on the phone is very much needed.

With Imagicle Attendant Console, not only is it easier to pick up, transfer, park, and queue calls thanks to an advanced queue calling system – agents can also easily start and stop call recordings directly from their Attendant Console, achieving compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more, and creating a wealth of data for Voice Analytics, which will transcribe their call and evaluate the sentiment of both parties for supervisors and managers to assess the quality of their services and provide ad-hoc self-service training.

How to empower customer service with Imagicle. 

Last, but not least, supervisors have access to a specific dashboard to evaluate customer service performances from A to Z.

In summary, the Imagicle apps will guide the customer from their very first query up until they’ve solve all issues in an automated, smooth, fast way – and after the last communication has happened, your company will have all the tools necessary to assess the quality of customer service, implement new winning strategies, and ultimately improving retention and revenue.

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For all verticals.

The Imagicle apps in various sectors can result in significant service enhancements. 

  • In healthcare, efficiency in communication can expedite medical responses, appointment scheduling & reminders, and data sharing among health professionals, thereby improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction. 
  • In the realm of government, it ensures a streamlined flow of information among various departments and the public, leading to increased transparency and trust – moreover, in a field that suffers from low budgets and understaffing, chatbots answering to routine queries make a world of difference.
  • The financial sector, which is highly dependent on secure and timely communication, can leverage Imagicle to bolster customer trust by ensuring confidential data handling and immediate response to customer inquiries at any time of day. 
  • Finally, in the education sector, Imagicle can facilitate seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents, making for an enriching and collaborative learning environment. Moreover, the Call Recording piece makes sure treacherous calls are accounted for.

In essence, Imagicle’s multichannel communication solutions offer vital support to organizations across various verticals, driving efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Imagicle dramatically transforms the customer experience through innovative, multichannel communication, AI-powered solutions. By integrating Conversational AI, call recording and voice analytics, and a unified call management interface, it ensures seamless interactions, valuable insights, and overall service enhancement across sectors. Ultimately, Imagicle goes beyond just satisfying customers – it aims to delight them.

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