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Chat features meet Attendant Console: a new omnichannel way to talk to customers.

Our beloved Imagicle Attendant Console, the operator console solution that simplifies and improves the handling of incoming and outgoing calls for all operators, is now enriched with a chat functionality that lets you handle customer requests coming from multiple channels from a single interface.

If you’re familiar with Imagicle, you surely know our Attendant Console solution: complete with Auto Attendant and Advanced Queueing, it’s a modern, easy to use platform that simplifies and improves call management, providing everything an agent needs to serve customers at their best: Caller ID for incoming calls, a complete view of colleagues’ presence and calendar, possibility to record calls, manage contacts, and a lot more.

But today, even with all these amazing features, it might not be enough to provide the customer service people are looking for.

Omnichannel features. Give customers the service they want.

The increasingly common use of instant messaging apps and social media caused a shift in customer needs, even when it comes to contacting companies. In fact, nowadays, customers want to get in touch with businesses from their preferred communication tools like Website chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.

People live frenetic lives and they probably find themselves needing your support while travelling, commuting, or even grocery shopping. They want to avoid calling because they don’t have the time, or maybe they simply prefer written communication and get frustrated when they don’t have that option. Giving them the possibility to send you a message from the tools they’re used to having open on their phone, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, puts them in a position where they’re happier to contact you, improving their overall experience.

Another important aspect is the type of issue they’re having. In case they just need to know what time you’re open for business, or get in touch with a low value information, they are more likely to send a chat on your website, for example.

But let’s not forget that 65% of users still prefer phone calls, which means that the voice channel can’t be overlooked in favor of a digital approach. So how can a company satisfy both the need for voice and digital communications?

The answer is providing an omnichannel customer service approach. And that’s why, at Imagicle, we upgraded our Attendant Console from simply granting professional management of calls to also including a single touchpoint for all requests coming from digital channels. And we did that by uniting the power of two Imagicle applications: Attendant Console of course, and Imagicle Conversational AI.

Add Omnichannel capabilities to the Attendant Console and Operator Essentials.

Thanks to the omnichannel features provided by Imagicle Conversational AI, the Attendant Console now has a new tab where agents can handle digital requests. Super easy to use and intuitive, it brings benefits to both customers and agents:

  • Customers now have a plethora of tools they can choose from to contact you.
  • Agents have a single interface from which they can handle requests coming from different channels. In true Imagicle style, everything happens behind a single pane of glass: whether the request comes from website chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, or other digital channels, agents can handle them from the same agent app they are already used to for handling voice calls. 

These new features bring a new level of velocity to operators, who will be even more productive, won’t lose any request among the mix of platforms, and will keep handling calls in the professional way they’re used to.

How do I unlock chat features?

Well, it’s super easy! You just need to upgrade your UCX Suite to Spring ’23, and you will be able to request omnichannel capabilities for your existing customer service solution.

Moreover, if you’re just curious, you can even try it out effortlessly: just update the Attendant Console client, and you will find a new tab allowing you to request the trial.

If you don’t have our Attendant Console yet, why don’t you try it for free?

For every vertical.

Even though every sector has its own challenges, chat features help each one of them; especially if they choose to make the most out of the Conversational AI integration and implement an automated chatbot that can take care of customer requests in self-service mode, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, only escalating to a human agents when needed.

  • In Healthcare, patients would be able to book appointments in self-service in mutually convenient time slots without the need of agent intervention. They could also receive their latest test results, receive proactive alarms for their appointments, and more.
  • In Banking, customers could check their balance, ask for bank opening times, find the nearest ATM, block their credit card, and more, without agent intervention.
  • In Government, a sector that namely has a variety of offices with very different competences, citizens can get immediate information on different topics without agent intervention: about LTZ, fines, roadworks, and more.
  • In the Luxury Hospitality sector, guests would get around-the-clock updated information available to them, just as they expect from a luxury hotel, without stressing the staff out.

The only limit is your imagination: chatbots are versatile, easy to set and use, and make agents’ job faster and easier while increasing customer satisfaction.


Customers want omnichannel capabilities today and aren’t willing to wait. Making customers happy in this sense also means giving operators the opportunity to be happier and more productive. With hundreds of companies worldwide already getting on the pulse of these new trends, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Get omnichannel capabilities today.

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