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Cloud Licensing: a new smart way to manage Imagicle licenses.

Remember what we had announced to you in Summer 2019? We told you we were working on the activation of the new online licensing mode via HTTPS secure connection to the Imagicle Cloud, simplifying the activation and renewal of products. Well, we kept our promise, and today I'm here to tell you about the results of this long and elaborate job. The first service delivered directly from our data centers is ready. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present Imagicle Cloud Licensing available as of January 2020.

Simplified management of your licenses.

Imagicle Cloud Licensing is the starting point that will allow us to drastically simplify the management of Imagicle applications‘ licensing while opening new frontiers in the provision of high-value services for our clients and partners.
The online license consumption model offers a new way to manage Imagicle licenses, making the activation and renewal even faster, smarter, and easier. 
No more codes to remember, match, copy and paste, but a single pane of glass – your Smart Account – where your licenses will be collected and can be easily assigned to one or more IAS servers.

To be (connected) or not to be, that is the question.

As we can easily guess from everyday life, the tangible advantage begins when we are connected to the network, to the Cloud, and we get that virtual closeness that allows us to break down the walls of traditional communication; when everything happens „almost in real-time“.
So, for example, let’s imagine buying a new application like Imagicle Call Recording and also having to expand the channels of your existing Imagicle Fax. 
Thanks to the new service, after making the purchase, the new Call Recording and Fax channels will be automatically placed on your Smart Account.
Cloud Licensing: a new smart way to manage Imagicle licenses.
No intervention or activation procedure on the customer’s side will be longer necessary. 
Well, are you wondering how it is possible? 
Easy peasy. All you need to do is connecting the Server where your Imagicle UCX Suite is installed to the Licence Portal.
Without having to access your data center or that of your client, you can connect to the Smart Account and assign the new Call Recording and Fax channels to the servers. Press Save, and in a few seconds the applications will be running. 
The connection will require opening the endpoint, possibly secured through the use of standard HTTP proxies.

The Cloud Licensing portal.

Our Resellers, Partners, and customers will be able to take advantage of a new tool in their reserved area, the Licensing portal.
Cloud Licensing: a new smart way to manage Imagicle licenses.
The tool has two simple sections: the first one at the top summarizes the available applications, the purchased capacity (users or channels), the Care and the subscription status.
In this part, it’s possible to assign to each server the capabilities of the individual application (for example, two servers for a high-availability configuration).
In the following section, instead, the servers created, the applications and the token that identifies each server are summarized to make everything clear and simple at a glance.

It takes only a token to connect the UCX Suite.

To minimize the intervention on the Imagicle server, we have created a token, a „big word“ made up of letters and numbers which, once entered in the UCX Suite license portal, allows you to connect it to the Smart Account and get all the advantages of Cloud licensing.

The token will be the only information necessary to activate the Cloud management. Subsequent purchases of new apps or expansions may be then managed by the Imagicle website.
But that’s not all: your UCX Suite also acquires useful information, allowing you to check the status of your subscription, Care, and App capabilities directly from the Suite’s License page, updated in real time with all the new purchases or renewals.
Cloud Licensing: a new smart way to manage Imagicle licenses.
This digitization will allow obtaining these simplifications and a clearer view of the purchased products.
It will also allow you to convey new services in real-time. 

New exclusive service: Proactive Support.

Announced together with our new Care Gold and Platinum Support plans, the new Proactive Support service will start with the new year. 
Thanks to it, customers connected through Cloud Licensing can take advantage of continuous monitoring of the state of health of their servers and be promptly notified before a potential problem can compromise the functioning of the Imagicle Applications.
These are just a couple of tastes of the benefits that 2020 will bring to all customers connected with Imagicle Cloud.
Here the excitement is skyrocketing, and ideas are proliferating day by day.
The Cloud Licensing service will be available to everyone starting from January 2020.
Stay tun… ops! Stay connected! 

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