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International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle’s commitment.

The Imagicle Perspective.

September 28 was proclaimed as International Day for Universal Access to Information at a UN level in 2019 by the UN General Assembly. Also known as Right to Know Day, it recognizes and celebrates the significance of free and easy access to information and making informed decisions.

As Imagicle, we feel represented by this event. Even though we’re aware we’re tackling it from a different perspective and level, we still wake up every day with this goal in mind: making communications more accessible, secure, and affordable in terms of time, resources, and money. For everyone.

We achieve it by offering UC solutions ensuring capillary accessibility and hyper security without having to empty your wallet. The whole organization is ISO 27001 certified, we comply with multiple data protection regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA, and we develop applications following our personal Secure Software Development Lifecycle approach. (Visit our Security page to know more.)

Today, we’d like to humbly join the discussion and tell you how we can improve your company’s access to information and communications. We do it for a reason that’s engraved on the walls of our offices, on the pages of our websites, and on the mentality of Imagicle people:

It’s always a matter of happy people.

Everyone should do their part. Here’s how we do ours.

Imagicle UCX Suite: your comms to the next level.

If you’re familiar with us already, then you’ll know what the Imagicle UCX Suite is. 

Technically speaking, Imagicle UCX Suite is a software solution that puts all your communications tools and data behind a single pane of glass, accessible from multiple devices and platforms (like Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams), available on the Cloud, Hosted, or On-Prem. 

The unification of communication channels into one organized and easy-to-use UCX Suite allows for more meaningful interactions between staff and with customers, leading to an immediate improvement of the overall service.

Poetically speaking, I would define it as the only suite with happy people inside.

Behind our high-touch UC products, there are multiple, international teams of people that only want to make you happy. Together, we built a UCX Suite that collects all the information your company needs to work smoothly, put them behind a single screen, and gave it a (I)magicle touch. The Imagicle UCX Suite includes:

Attendant Console - Centralino Telefonico

Attendant Console to manage calls quickly and professionally;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Advanced Queueing to improve the handling of call queues;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Auto Attendant to design answer menus and define call behaviors;

imagicle manager assistant

Manager Assistant to streamline cooperation between Managers and Assistants;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Call Recording to capture 100% of calls and comply with data security regulations;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Contact Manager to synchronize your contacts across multiple directories;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Call Analytics to monitor your calls activities, allocate costs, check resources’ adoption;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Digital Fax to virtualize fax management;

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Hotel Services to make a difference in your hotel’s customer experience. 

All of this available Cloud and Cloud-connected, with Private or Public Cloud models. 

Now that you know a bit more about what we do, let’s focus on the three Imagicle apps that best serve the purpose of making key information easily accessible for everyone who needs it, each of them available from multiple devices and platforms.

Words matter, record them with Call Recording.

Imagicle Call Recording is the solution that allows you to record any call you like, with three different recording modes, in total compliance with security regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS. Available from multiple devices and platforms, including Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams, it’s your faithful ally for legal protection, transaction verification, employee coaching, customer service quality analysis. 

Listening to recorded phone calls instead of relying on “what did they say?” gives you quite the competitive advantage, because it leads to data-driven decisions and retrieval of correct data and information at all times.

This is particularly useful when it comes to dispute resolution, for example, or when you need to know who placed an order. And if you’d like to train your employees to better handle customers’ calls, you can listen to their conversations and give them guidance.

With Imagicle Call Recording, you’ll always have a path to follow to know exactly what happened and how. Misinformation becomes a long-lost memory.

P.S.: if you work in the Healthcare or Education industry, here’s a couple of brochures you might find useful.

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Your best friend to collect metrics:
Call Analytics.

Imagicle Call Analytics is the preferred service of millions of companies to monitor and analyze calls, allocate costs, check resources’ adoption, run detailed and targeted reports, and make data-driven decisions. Full compliance with security regulations is always ensured.

The reason why I’m including Call Analytics in this rundown is that it’s not uncommon for companies to be unable to keep track of the allocation, adoption, and usage of monetary, physical, and software resources. This is vital information for the survival and thriving of a company. As Imagicle, we knew that a service that does the analyzing for you and renders it back in a readable, clear way was definitely needed.

With Imagicle Call Analytics, the relevant people in the company will always be able to:

  • Access the needed information about spending amounts;
  • Access detailed reports about resource usage & adoption across the company;
  • Set a budget for calls and lock phones upon budget reach, with the possibility of differentiating amounts for employees.

Knowing how much you’re spending is something everyone deserves. It’s not fair to not have a clear picture because of a lack of means or unreadable information. Call Analytics changes that.

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.

Imagicle Manager Assistant: the smoothest cooperation.

Finally, let me introduce the newest Imagicle product – Imagicle Manager Assistant, designed to improve cooperation between Managers And assistants by simplifying call management delegation in an easy, agile, and scalable way. A Manager can be associated with multiple Assistants and vice versa, to customize the service based on availability and shifts.

How common is it for team members to not know when and how to reach their Manager(s), especially in geographically distributed environments?

Imagicle Manager Assistant changes that, giving Assistants a clear view of what to do when a call comes in: answer it or transfer it to the Manager(s), according to their preference.
They can also change the status of the Manager(s) or manage service configurations if enabled.

On the other hand, Managers can set their reachability status, answer calls whenever they want, enable or disable filters for calls being automatically forwarded to the Assistants.

Cooperation and interoperability reach a whole new level, and crucial information such as when and where to reach your Manager(s) or teammates becomes clear even if you’re working miles and miles apart.

International Day for Universal Access to Information: Imagicle's commitment.


As stated in the beginning, I understand that – as a multinational tech company – we surely live and celebrate International Day for Universal Access to Information differently than the UN or other organizations and people. But still, we believe in sharing information, messages, services, and products that make lives easier and better. That’s why we wanted to weigh in and tell you all how Imagicle can help you access your company information faster, smarter, and easier – to help you save time and thrive stress-free.

And by the way, if you want to see for yourself what our products can do, book a demo with us! We’ll be happy to guide you through our products. For free. 🙂

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