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Imagicle solutions for the Healthcare industry.

Imagicle solutions for the Healthcare industry.


Recent times have put everyone to the test. However, there’s a category that has struggled more than anyone else, especially work-wise: healthcare workers. 
Physicians, nurses, and so forth have had the desire to digitalize their work since way before the start of the pandemic. They need to guide their patients through the waves of the healthcare system in a fast and easy way. Patients need to feel safe, and workers need to be productive, happy, and healthy; not exhausted and stressed. 


The year 2020 left a lot of scars, and 2021 is filled with unanswered questions. But one thing is clear: improving employee and customer experience is a priority for healthcare organizations, and Imagicle UC apps are the perfect companion for that purpose.


  • Best-in-class Call Recording tool, to record your every call, skip information when needed, and store it safely to keep track of every patient’s requirement;
  • State-of-the-art Customer Service solution to answer every call and transfer it to the right agent at all times;
  • Complete Call Analytics tool to perform analysis of every call with customizable reports, role-based access, encryption in access and at rest, configurable data retention;
  • Every solution is 100% compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other stringent regulations; thanks to industry-standard encryption and safety mechanisms for privacy and system security.
… and more!
Download our Imagicle for Healthcare brochure to understand why and how Imagicle apps can revolutionize your operations and make your life easier. In it, you’ll also find multiple success stories told by our happy customers in the Healthcare sector around the world, because it’s always a matter of happy people slightly smiling face

Keep being a hero, but more relaxed. Choose Imagicle.

Give new life to your tools and streamline your organization’s activities. Download your free brochure and discover the impact of UC apps on the healthcare industry.

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