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Cookie policy

Updated on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Specific information on the use of the website

Imagicle S.p.A. is dedicated to protecting privacy and wants its site’s visitors to feel safe, both while browsing the site and when providing their personal data to use specific functions or services.
We ask each visitor to keep in mind that the pages of our website may contain links to the websites of other, independent, subjects, for which this security declaration does not apply.

Browser and user data

Browser data

While browsing, our systems collect a number of data (e.g. access date and time, pages visited, Internet Service Provider name and IP address used for Internet access, the Internet address from which our site was accessed, etc.), the transmission of which uses web communication protocols and which may be useful to improve the management and optimise the data sending and e-mail system. These data may also be used to collect anonymous statistical data on site use, to monitor its proper functioning, and are kept only for the time required for these purposes.

Data provided voluntarily by the use

In order to access certain services or functions, or to send requests, people browsing the site may send personal data to Imagicle (e.g. e-mail address, login data). Imagicle will process these data only to permit the provision of the services or functions and to manage requests.


What is a cookie?

Websites use cookies to recognize users during a session. According to the Privacy Commissioner, they are „small bits of text file“ composed of letters and numbers that „are sent by the sites visited by users to the computer (generally the browser) where they are saved in order to be sent back to the sites at the next visit by the same user“.

Imagicle SpA cookies

Imagicle uses the following types of cookie:

  • session (not saved on the user’s computer but deleted when the browser is closed) limited to sending session identifiers (composed of random numbers generated by the server to which you are connected) necessary to use the site and correctly display its contents
  • functional cookies, that allow users to browse based on a series of criteria (such as language) in order to improve the site’s browsing experience or to authenticate and manage a browsing session (e.g. to identify and authorize a user to access a Partner Area)

In particular, Imagicle uses the following cookies:

Cookie namePurposeType of cookieExpiry   
.ASPXANONYMOUSAllows connection without authenticationsessionAt the end of the session
__RequestVerificationTokenAnti-forgery cookie that blocks the transmission of unauthorized data to the website („Cross-Site Request Forgery“).functionAt the end of the session
dnn_IsMobileIdentifies the type of connected devicefunctionAt the end of the session
languageIdentifies the user’s languagefunctionAt the end of the session
.DOTNETNUKEIdentifies the user if authenticated on the websitefunctionAt the end of the session or after 20 hours if the „Remember me“ option is activated
cookieconsent_dismissedSaves the user’s selection for Imagicle’s cookies policyfunction1 year
liEmailAddressIdentifies the user’s e-mail address used for loginsessionAt the end of the session
linkedin_oauthCookie used for authentication via LinkedInsession1 year
popup2018GDPRTemporary Cookie used to show the GDPR articlesession1 year
cookie_notice_acceptedCookie acceptance for bloge usagesession1 year

Any other cookies generated by and not present in this table are functional or session cookies.

Third party cookies

Imagicle uses services offered by Google and Google Analytics to collect, aggregate and analyze data in order to better understand how the site is used. Imagicle uses these cookies to collect anonymous and aggregated data for a limited time. The data is used, for example, to monitor and analyze site use, improve its functions and more accurately choose content and graphic design, in order to meet visitors‘ expectations.

Information on how Google Analytics is used and its privacy policy are available on this  link. To deactivate these specific cookies, Google provides a free plugin that can be installed on major browsers. If you do not accept these cookies, certain functions on the site may not be available.

Imagicle also uses Olark web chat. Olark’s cookies (ok, _okac, _okbk, _okla, _oklv, hblid, olfsk, wcsid) allow Imagicle to provide live chat support to clients and visitors. Information on how Olark Chat is used and its privacy policy are available on this link.

Consent to cookie installation

Users/visitors may decide whether to allow the installation of cookies on their computer. Cookie settings can be controlled and modified using the browser’s „Preferences“. By default almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You can modify the settings and disable cookies in your browser’s settings:

If you deactivate cookies, certain site functions may be disabled. However, even with the cookies disabled, the browser will still save a small amount of data. These data are necessary for the site’s basic functions. If the user does not interact with the consent forms and exits the consent message by closing it or continuing to browse the site, consent is considered to have been given for all cookies.

Optional data

Except as indicated for browser data, the provision of personal data is free and optional. Regarding the use of cookies, anyone browsing the site may make choices using the browser functions listed above.

This privacy policy applies from 25 May 2018, date from which the European General Data Protection Regulation is fully applicable.