Salvatore Tagliamento
Support Engineer

Due to his long name, Salvatore has a lot of nicknames: refer to him with the one you’re most comfortable with. New ones, though, are always appreciated!
He’s 24 years old and lives in Pesaro, a city right on the beach, so you can expect what the main activity is during summer.

And… surely, you guessed wrong! His DNA has the word nerd written all over it. He’s a huge fan of video games, so he spends most of his time playing PC games with a bunch of friends, but he does enjoy a fresh beer even with people he’s never met. He might not talk much at first, but once he’s comfortable enough, he just forgets his introverted side.
A soon-to-be biker and a singer (not a good one now, but he’ll eventually get better at it), and a very passionate D&D player, he gets really crazy with role-playing, and his parrot knows how much: sometimes he repeats things that don’t really make any sense outside of D&D.

Speaking of working experience, before Imagicle, he worked as a Linux system administrator and helpdesk support for almost 3 years for an Italian company, mainly focused on providing support for CentOS and Asterisk-based systems.

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