Imagicle Voice Virtual Agents. Introducing human-like AI in your customer service.


Would your agents benefit from an always-on help, taking common requests on their behalf? Meet the brand new Imagicle Voice Virtual Agents, designed to manage customer calls with human-like interactions. By leveraging these AI-powered voice bots you will:

  • Provide self-service 24/7/365 to solve common issues;
  • Lighten the workload of your team, allowing them to focus on high-priority tasks;
  • Automate conversations in human-like way, leveraging your Knowledge Base contents;
  • Engage with your customers from multiple channels;
  • Enhance your customer and employee experience with increased speed and self-service, with easy drag and drop editor;
  • Make an integration with your CRM and calling platform to enable contextualized answers to any questions;
  • Use Smartflows, the Imagicle visual editor equipped with a no-code interface and perfectly integrated with your systems, to easily build your conversational flows.

Join us to discover all the news and see insightful use cases. 

Michel Ravasio
Senior Country Manager - US