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Customer Service: ensure quality standards and identify best practices.

We know the first approach is always crucial to establish lasting and successful contact with customers. When you call a Customer Service, you expect – within a reasonable waiting time – an efficient and comprehensive response that helps you solve your issue.
Even better if the solution comes along with a smile.

On the other hand, if you are a supervisor, you want exactly the same thing to happen.
You need your team to convey the message at best; maybe you want to help them find a better way to deal with the situation, or, in the case of new employees you need to guide them and show them how to handle calls properly.


Supervisor - Customer Service

Now, can you imagine having tools directly available on your console that allow you to do precisely this in an easy, discreet and functional way?
Well, guess what (spoiler alert!): we’ve just made them for you! 🙂


Guide your operators in taking care of your customers.

Silent monitoring and Whisper Coaching are features that allow supervisors to monitor the operator-customer conversations and talk in whisper mode to the operators in between calls.

Together with the Call Recording function – now directly enabled inside you Imagicle Attendant Console – they streamline your everyday work and take your Customer Service management to the next level.
Finally, you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.
Let’s take a closer look.

Silent Monitoring

Silent Monitoring

Silent monitoring allows the supervisor to eavesdrop on a conversation between an operator and a customer. The supervisor can hear both call participants, but neither of them can hear him.

Let’s say, for example, that you are a supervisor who has to train a peer and teach him to do the same job. After silent monitoring him while he’s training operators and maybe registering his call, you can sit down with him, discuss critical points, and work out the best strategy to train the team. Checking the operators’ work during the real-time customer interaction may indeed be useful both to improve their performances and identify best practices for targeted training.

Plus, being able to see the name of the caller next to the name of the operator involved in the call, you can decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to monitor a specific call.  This allows you, not least, to save time by choosing to listen only to those specific calls that need your supervision or assistance.


Whisper Coaching

Whisper Coaching

Sometimes listening is not enough.
It may be the case that you have to guide your operators through a sale transaction or a support case, recommending a different course of conduct and making sure that the contact with customers takes place most appropriately, conveyed by the right tone of voice. Maybe – why not? – you want to give him straight away that good insight that is crossing your mind.

Well, you can stop doing it by waving your arms around or by handing notepapers to your operators while on the phone. You don’t even have to sit next to him and stare (I guess someone might feel pressured).

Whisper Coaching, a further enhancement on silent monitoring, allows supervisors to help operators in real-time. It’s one-way audio from supervisor to operator; therefore, whenever an operator needs assistance, the supervisor can initiate a whisper coaching call to talk to him without the caller hearing.

Sometimes it may be enough to rescue the situation.

How to use them

You can find these functions inside your Imagicle Attendant Console, the operator console software solution that integrates perfectly with Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise to simplify and improve incoming call management.

You just have to:

  • Access your Attendant Console via a dedicated Advanced Supervisor privilege/role.
  • Select from your dashboard a specific operator involved in a phone call.
  • Click on the icons that appear next to the name of the operator.
  • Listen and talk.

Silent Monitoring Whisper Coaching


If you want to enable one of your operators to use these functions – perhaps to monitor or train other colleagues – you need to have a Queue Manager role. Just log in to the Queue Configurations Panel and upgrade its role to Advanced Supervisor.
After that, he’ll be able to use the same functions on his Attendant Console.


Call Recording lands on Imagicle Attendant Console

Nowadays, recording calls it’s quite essential to ensure the continuous improvement of your customer service. The possibility of recording and replaying the phone calls of your operators, in fact, allows you to help them improve their communication tools; it can be useful to do personalized training, to identify critical points or simply to save important information that you don’t want to lose.

In order to further optimize time and resources for training, Imagicle Call Recording offers two recording modes: Always On, to automatically record every single call, and On Demand, to choose, on a case-by-case basis, which calls need to be recorded.


Customer Service: ensure quality standards and identify best practices.


Today, as well as Built-in Bridge Recording, Dial-In Recording, and Network-Based Recording, Imagicle Call Recording supports SIPREC (SIP Recording). Other than on the Attendant Console, the solution is available on Cisco Phones, Cisco Jabber Desktop, and Cisco Finesse, with role-based access to own and/or group recordings.

Simple as a click

You can start and stop your recordings by pressing a button on your device for On-Demand mode (compliant with GDPR regulation), or pause and resume the recording to skip sensitive information, as credit card data (compliant with PCI-DSS regulation).

Additionally, you can access recordings through Call Registry (web redirect).


Ensure quality standards means improving customer satisfaction

At Imagicle, we invest every day in developing new apps and improving the ones you are already using, working to provide you a continuously growing set of functionalities and always verifying the compatibility with the newest platforms and operating system.

We commit ourselves to create tools specifically designed to make your job easier, to communicate quickly and efficiently and to have full control over what happens while you deliver your service, whatever it is.


Imagicle Roadmap


As you could see, with the latest Summer Release we decided to focus on enriching features for supervisors and administrators to monitor Customer Service operators during customer interactions. That’s because we know how helping operators to handle calls accordingly with the company’s quality standards can make a significant difference both in the good performance of your work and in ensuring customers’ satisfaction.

Optimized training, ability to identify critical points and attention to communication details are the benchmarks you should bear in mind to improve your Customer Service.
Needless to say, pursuing these goals with the right tools makes them more achievable.

They can help you boost the idea behind your work, and perhaps spread it and improve it more and more.

And, after all, is that not our primary goal?


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