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Entrepreneurship as an employee? That’s Imagicle!

What to consider when assessing job satisfaction.

In a fast, competitive environment with global businesses taking over the world, starting your own business to be an entrepreneur became very hard, very costly, and very risky.
But have you considered an alternative for that?
It’s about choosing a company that allows you to apply and practice your entrepreneurial skills, just as if it was your own.
Let me start with some general statistics before we go into details.
Relying on the latest data from Statista and Gallup, they calculated that there are approximately 44.5 million full-time workers in the US who love their job. According to a Statista report published in June 2019, the number of full-time workers in the US amounts to 131 million.
Moreover we should take into account that:
  • employees who feel their management treat them with respect are 63% more satisfied with their jobs;
  • 79% of American workers say company culture is an important factor in job satisfaction;
  • 83% of millennials consider work-life balance to be the most important factor in evaluating a potential job;
  • only 25% of employees who quit their jobs cite money as the main reason for leaving;
  • 86% of both employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication as the main reason for workplace failures.

The impact of the working condition on employees’ performance.

Entrepreneurship as an employee? That's Imagicle!
Job satisfaction, as the name indicates, refers to the level of fulfilment an employee gets from their job and work environment. When workers are satisfied, they are self-motivated, content, and productive. They show up to work eager to face new challenges. Companies whose workers feel highly satisfied with their job, usually outperform their competition. Innovation and great results happen when they feel respected and valued, and their inner entrepreneur is unleashed.
In the opposite environment, employees are always looking for a change. They can’t be happy and satisfied since they feel stuck in a daily, boring routine job, dealing with a management system not able to meet their expectations while limiting growth and capabilities to perform and achieve. This can’t but lead to negative results and high turn-overs:  you don’t settle when you know you can do much more.
It’s like hiring superman to work as a receptionist.

A new figure: the entrepreneurial employee.

Fortunately, nowadays, it is possible to find entrepreneurship among employees inside existing organizations. Stemming from the concept ‘intrapreneur’, an entrepreneurial employee is an entrepreneur within an organization, as mentioned by Pinchot already in 1985.
Let’s start by analyzing these simple questions. 
  • What creates a beneficial environment for both the entrepreneurial employee and the employer?
  • How can the employer help entrepreneurial employees excel?
  • What are the advantages to customers who work with companies that support intrapreneurship?
What I’m going to do with this article is trying to answer these questions by sharing my personal experience at Imagicle.
Having been in the Information Technology & services field for almost 10 years now in the Gulf Market“ Previously working in Qatar and currently based in Dubai managing sales in UAE and ME Region dealing with top vendors and customers in all different sectors, Imagicle’s story stands out to me as one of pure dedication. 
Just to give you a hint, the policy here is striving to help people to work better, more efficiently, and with a smile.

The Imagicle way.

As we tell in this post, Imagicle started with few people that invested in this concept. Since 2010 they have worked hard to achieve their goal: making everyday communications faster, smarter, and easier. The main aim has always been a matter of happy people, and with proper planning, we are growing crazy YoY, being now multinational and having different offices worldwide across the regions.
Over time, being Cisco’s preferred solution developer by pairing our products with Cisco’s leading UC platforms, we have been able to create value for our customers and partners.
As for me, I manage sales across the Middle East region dealing with different partners, resellers, distributors, and customers. I have the space to create new plans, strategies, and actions to come up with practical solutions to meet different Goals and targets and, most of all, to make a personal growth that includes planning my time, travels, meetings, events, and daily work. This is what makes me want more and more to match our customers’ and partners’ needs carefully and build a success story.
To do so, I enjoy a certain level of trust that allowed me to close business deals with confidence.

Trust leads to approachability and open communications.

Rather than managing something that already exists, I’ve had the opportunity to create something new, set targets, submit plans, statistics and strategies and determine how to achieve them after getting the approval from my team to put them into action.
Imagicle has helped bring my ideas to fruition and created a working environment and a team I can consider a second family that fosters development among its employees. As you know, personal development is essential while progressing in our careers.
I’m happy to find myself in a company that places trust in my decision-making processes. 
In fact, this allows me to:
  • Take ownership of problems and challenges and has given me intrinsic motivation to do well.
  • Take a leading role in the development of new business ventures and ensure growth attainment, which is reflected daily during my engagement with management, customers, and resellers.
  • Enhance and develop new skills and think in a more strategic way on the short/long term effect of every action I take across different stages during the sales cycle.

Your comfort zone will kill you.

Customers know they can count on me to help them make the right decision. The same is true for partners, to make them feel comfortable in trusting to initiate an Imagicle lead or work on projects knowing they can count on us to push to the maximum to close every opportunity and overcome challenges.
I’m dedicated to gain the trust of customers to solve their problems and leave them happy. After all, positive interaction with customers and resellers sets the right atmosphere for everyone; it fosters openness from both sides and has helped me to understand customers’ needs better.
Now, I have the right toolset to resolve every situation in the best possible way.
It’s widely agreed that entrepreneurial employees can create opportunities. However, a company’s leadership plays a significant role in creating a positive working environment that allows employees to develop such opportunities and utilize their skills.
I get to interact with a wide range of companies where positive interaction is at the core of helping the customers to do a better job. As part of my progress, I’ve improved my listening, observation, and analytical skills. This process is ongoing, as I still learn through daily work, especially by working in harmony with the channel manager. He plays a major role in the results, being another example of an intrapreneur having the trust of the company to take care of the business while achieving the perfect balance in other personal goals (family, sports, and even an ongoing Master’s degree in Leadership in Spain!).
Entrepreneurship as an employee? That's Imagicle!
Imagicle is situated in a global IT-domain where knowledge-exchange is at the core of innovation. I take each meeting with customers in UAE and around the GCC as an opportunity to better understand their needs and environment, and so do my colleagues. This helps our team to create and innovate while discussing our experiences together.
At Imagicle, everyone partakes in the journey to solve today’s communications needs. There’s a high level of transparency among our team, enabling us to overachieve targets and expectations: as they say, teamwork makes the dream work, and I could write for days about that subject.
Working generally in Sales is not easy, especially in a challenging IT sector, but the Imagicle environment motivates me and stimulates me to achieve more for the company. New opportunities have not only arisen due to hard work and overtime. They were created in a positive working environment that allows entrepreneurial employees to thrive and reach their full potential. As a result, Imagicle came to a full circle of leadership, Happy imagicle Employees > Happy partners > Happy customers. This brings us back to the Imagicle’s vision: “it’s always a matter of happy people”.
To summarize, I would say that entrepreneurial employees are committed, passionate and innovative.
  • Typically, they’re willing to go the extra mile to create and develop new business ventures.
  • They’re eager to make or support risky decisions that grow businesses.
It’s not surprising, then, that today’s lead businesses are on the hunt for entrepreneurial employees. Similarly, entrepreneurial employees are on the lookout for companies that have an understanding and benefits of their “entrepreneurial” skills.
As Stephen Covey stated: “if you move a problem to your manager, then you are a messenger; if you move it with a proposal, then you are an advisor. But if you moved it while you have already solved it, then you are a Leader.”

Be(coming) Imagicle.

Our team is an unbeatable force that has delivered our AppSuite in more than 20,000 companies worldwide. We are constantly looking to serve our customers’ and partners’ needs by enhancing our technology and providing the best levels of services & support. As a result, we have been able to achieve a growth of 73% from 2018 > 2019 in ME, and, as we always say, the best is yet to come.
Entrepreneurship as an employee? That's Imagicle!
So, if you think yourself an entrepreneurial employee, Imagicle may be the right choice for you.
It’s never too late to jump on board: we are hiring 😉

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