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You can always get what you want. What it’s like to be Imagicle.

Imagicle philosophy. Literally.

Hi guys!
This is my second article for this blog (honestly, this is my second article for any blog, but hey, isn’t this the only blog worthy of note?) and today I’m here to write about statistics, percentages, graphics, infographics, pivot table, etc. 
Okay, wait! Don’t close the window! I’m just joking. smiling face with open mouth 
I will show you some numbers, it’s true, but they don’t concern what you imagine.
Like Aristotle loved to say, indeed, a good way to start a conversation is defining the main topic, so here we go: today we’ll be talking about (drumroll) people.
« People in general? » you may ask.
No, not any people. The people we’re interested in are happy people
After all, still quoting the philosopher from Stagira, happiness is the final purpose of human existence (as you may have noticed, we’re huge fans of ancient philosophy, here).
I am quite sure that, during my explorations of dusty academic books, I came across the etymology of the word happiness, discovering that it derives directly from the word Imagicle. 
I wasn’t surprised. nerd face 
Jokes apart, if there’s one thing we take seriously at Imagicle, that’s happiness
Every day, the human resources staff (of which I am a sparkling part), works to create an environment where it’s possible to interact and feel at home.
Let’s see how.

Happiness is our beat.

One of our mottos says: « Let’s do something Imagicle! », but what does it mean, exactly?
See, you can’t read Imagicle without saying magic, and of course, for doing something Imagicle you need wizards, sorcerers, shamans able to cast enchantments and spells. mage 
Our magic formula is very simple: efforts are rewarded, ideas heard, imagination encouraged. And this creates the right music. We wouldn’t be able to offer anything good to others if we were not able to get along and feel happy to be together.
Our people are our biggest treasure: behind every code there are quick fingers typing on a keyboard; behind every video there are days of briefings to understand how to convey the message to the fullest; behind every problem you will find a support team ready to catch every request and solve it in a heartbeat.
And speaking about music, everyone knows the line of the Rolling Stones song: « You can’t always get what you want » right? But do you know why it was composed? 
The legend says that the band performed in Excelsior on their first US tour, and Mick Jagger entered a local drugstore to get a Cherry Coke. The store didn’t have it, and Mr. Jimmy, a true idol in the city who was accompanying the band, looked at the frontman and said: « You can’t always get what you want.”
Well, Mr. Jimmy didn’t work at Imagicle, where everyone would have committed and worked tirelessly to finding that Cherry Coke for Mr. Jagger or any other person (but we still love you, Mr. Jimmy; without your “no effort” we wouldn’t have had this masterpiece red heart).
This was just to say that we are not only customer-oriented: we are passionate about making people happy, and this is possible because we are the first to be satisfied with what we do and the environment in which we do it.
(By the way, we’re starting an actual band with drums, guitar, bass, etc. and we’re almost ready to perform. With all due respect to the band we mentioned before, we can’t say no to a challenge!).
Anyway, it’s a kind of « transitive property of happiness », and it works. 
Can’t argue with math, you know.
You can always get what you want. What it's like to be Imagicle.

An Imagical growth.

We have mentioned mathematics. But we use to mix it with some magic, remember? We put our ideas, our stories, and our backgrounds into play and this is how our hocus pocus shall be born, charming all new members who joined this journey. We’re building up an environment where the person (it doesn’t matter if it’s a customer or a colleague) is the very core of our efforts: a place that inspires to do your best and produce something that can be called Imagicle.
Just to give you an example, our new Administration manager Emanuele, former manager of the Italian tax agency with great responsibilities on numbers, money, and all financial stuff, got quite charmed by this air, and decided to join us only a few months ago. Now he’s already taking care of most administrative processes, but also of a Fussball team, and every day, like a Swiss watch, sends a survey through our corporate chat asking what kind of pasta sauce we prefer (I hope you like Genova pesto because he has a problem with it: I think he has a sort of addiction). 
As you may know, we have 5 offices in 3 different countries, Italy, US and Middle East, all painted with our official cyan color, and each of them has seen at least a new member of the team.
We were lucky enough to get so many applications, we examined them one by one, and each resume we’ve read had a story to tell. In this ocean of words, we’ve chosen people who already had a bit of Imagicle dust inside (Tinker Bell would be proud of us).
Hence, as announced at the beginning, here are some numbers.
From the beginning of 2019, we’ve hired 16 people, corresponding to a +20.5% staff growth, improving our brand new offices as it follows:
  • Massarosa +10
  • Treviso +3
  • Dubai +1
  • Miami +2
And the year is not over yet.
As we said, though, the real theme is not numbers: it’s people.
Each number represent someone who welcomed our vision, our way to see the world and our will to get better every day and offer our customers the best possible experience. 
There is no signed contract unless there is a relationship first. And a relationship is built starting from far away: from listening to the customer’s needs, and from the desire to meet them.

Join the orchestra.

We are only at the beginning of our journey, and we are trying to make it as pleasant as possible by structuring the onboarding process so as to make it easier and easier for newcomers to enter this big family.
Our recruitment process involves multiple parts of the organization (CEOs included), trying to offer candidates a clear overview of who we are, what we do, how we do it.
The intention, in short, is to transform our rock band into a real orchestra, where every new instrument contributes to making the sound more beautiful.
The first song released will be « You can always get what you want » because we’re all committed to making everything possible.
We want to get you a Cherry Coke, you know what I mean? cup with straw 
So, if you feel something Imagicle that is ready to disrupt, a little spark buzzing inside, take a look here and check out our vacancies.
And if you’re curious to find out more about the Imagicle world, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or to contact me. I’ll be happy to answer. 

Only one warning, though. You’d better like magic, ancient philosophy, rock music and, of course, pasta with pesto.

Are you the next?

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