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Imagicle: rock out your Hospitality Services with PMS + phone integrations.

A blessing in disguise: an original reason to choose Imagicle.

Something interesting happened to me recently.

I received an unexpected call from a big player in the hospitality services system integration.
He started like this: “I’ll give it to you straight, my friend. I just lost a couple of opportunities in the Caribbean, you know why? The customer ended up choosing Imagicle.”

He paused, then ended: “I think it’s time we start working together.”
Well, imagine my surprise. Anyway, that sounded quite brave, I loved it!

Just a few days later here I am, meeting this incredibly passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable sales gentleman: a new partnership is taking off!

Hospitality and UC: the missing integration.

Imagicle: rock out your Hospitality Services with PMS + phone integrations.

Sure thing, the integration of the hospitality services is a big deal in the Caribbean, but it is so also in the entire US market other than in the sunny Florida where I live. In fact, I am sure that my colleagues from Italy, Paris or Dubai would have something to say about their regions too.

Surprisingly, though, either small or huge hotel chains often relies on anachronistic technologies when it comes to unified communications and collaboration services.
As a matter of fact, investments are typically focused elsewhere, while, talking about technology, it’s not uncommon to find out pretty advanced Property Management Softwares with poor or no integration with the telephony systems.

That’s a pity, because there’s a variety of services a hotel could offer to its guests when this integration is nailed.

Imagicle Hospitality Services: fill the gap.

What can you do, then, if you run a hotel and will to enhance your guests’ experience while simplifying operations and reducing costs? 🤔

(A couple of dramatic pauses later, I say) simple: you can do as my new colleague did, you can choose Imagicle!

Imagicle Hospitality Services offer complete integration with hundreds of PMS (i.e. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management, Oracle Hospitality Cruise SPM, Infor, Protel, Galaxy, etc.) to improve guests’ experience while making life easier for the hotel staff.

By acting as middleware between PMS and telephony infrastructures, Imagicle Hospitality Services can:

  • provide complimentary voicemail to guests,
  • automate wake-up call scheduling,
  • allow housekeeping to set room status easily,
  • lock or unlock room phones,
  • and, of course, streamline call accounting and billing when it’s time to check-out.

But there’s more. Hotel staff can take advantage of other solutions that further increase the quality of both their work and their customer service: Imagicle Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant for concierge and staff, Digital Fax for virtual fax service, Advanced directory services with Caller ID for a personalized call handling. They’ll find them included in the suite, just a click away.

Imagicle: rock out your Hospitality Services with PMS + phone integrations.

Good news is that any phone is compatible!
Also, being a modular and scalable solution, it can fit the small hotels as well as the big multi-property chains. Always easy, reliable and affordable.

Imagicle Hotel Services: when actions speak louder than words.

It’s quite simple: even before providing services that improve the customer experience with advanced features, we want our product to work smoothly and improve not only the customer’s stay, but also the work of the staff working there.

Imagicle had the pleasure of testing the quality and effectiveness of the Hotel Services on hotels of all sizes, each one with a specific need and with a pre-existing infrastructure organized differently.

Let me tell you just one example to show you the actual way we work and relate to the customer.

Recently, we happened to install our solution on a huge hotel that needed to transform its telephony system completely. We are talking about more than 4000 guest rooms located in different buildings, with a customer service consisting of around one hundred operators. The system was a hybrid configuration consisting of both analog and IP phones.

Now, given the number of guests they had to manage, they needed information on the caller ID to greet guests properly and prioritize VIP customers, and, above all, they needed a package of services that could adapt to a hybrid infrastructure as complex as theirs.

In this scenario, we built a solution specifically designed on the client’s needs.

  • Imagicle Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing allowed supervisors to manage pro-actively all the incoming calls and transfer them to the receptionists.
  • Meanwhile, Hotel Services, working both with Cisco IP phones and analog ones, make everything happen automatically. After completing the check-in, guests can read their name on the telephone room display, voicemail is active, the wake-up call is triggered at the time set by the hotel staff via PMS and, at the end of their stay, the telephone bill is ready in a click.

The staff is now able to answer to 99% of the calls in less than 3 minutes and check-in more than 2000 rooms in less than one hour.It was really incredible to be able to make it happen.

Imagicle: rock out your Hospitality Services with PMS + phone integrations.

My story ends here, for today.

Here’s how, sometimes, losing a couple of customers can help you discover the perfect solution to find many.



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