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Imagicle on Cisco Black Belt Partner Academy: a fast-track to making your customers happy.

Another step forward on a decade-long journey.

The close collaboration with Cisco has been the red thread of Imagicle offer’s growth in terms of technology, deployment, and innovation over the years, as we tell in this article about the last 10 years of Imagicle.
Therefore, joining Cisco Black Belt Academy as the first and unique Ecosystem Partner worldwide seemed to us a further step forward in a long shared growth path; the best way to make Imagicle knowledge and experience available through a Cisco fast lane.

Cisco Black Belt: what it is and why you should enroll.

Cisco Black Belt Academy is a comprehensive digital learning framework available to all partners around the world: a journey across all Cisco architectures and solutions, developed to help sales and presales staff learn Cisco’s competitive advantage, delivered in a virtual environment to provide scale, agility, and a self-paced experience
The access to the wide range of materials on the Imagicle products and services through an easy to follow learning map is a priceless opportunity for partners and resellers to build the skills foundation to better engage with Cisco and Imagicle resources, stand out from the competition and make your customers happy!
Read on and explore a few highlights of what this framework can do for you.

How do I benefit from this framework as a Partner/Reseller.

Cisco Black Belt framework is all digital and available 24×7. 
Broken out into three educational and proficiency levels, it offers two different paths, for Sales and Presales, with ready-made resources for each track. 
For sales, this includes materials like case studies, architectural overviews, webinars, industry reports, and presentations.

Therefore, it is a very effective tool for:

  • getting continuous learning points to renew architectures and apps offer; 
  • understand the competition;
  • improved customer satisfaction.

How do I benefit from this framework as a Pre-Sales, Support or Deployment Engineer.

On the pre-sales side, the advantages of the learning path are numerous.
Among the main ones, there are:

  • easy to follow learning map around Imagicle solutions to enhance Cisco Calling Platforms;
  • better equipped to pitch/demo new technologies;
  • knowledge about tools & services;
  • better engage with Cisco and Imagicle resources such as Advanced Services, Support services etc.
Imagicle on Cisco Black Belt Partner Academy: a fast-track to making your customers happy.

Become a black belt in making happy customers! Join the program.

The participation in Black Belt is the result of a long collaborative effort, which will go on over time with the addition of new and updated products content and tools, offering the best of Imagicle experience to help partners and resellers stay up to date on the latest technology and solutions from Imagicle and Cisco, and edge above the competition.
As the well known martial artist Bruce Lee used to say: « Knowing is not enough, we must apply ». 
Well, Cisco Black Belt is a great way to start your training on Imagicle solutions!

Want to join the program?

Just follow these simple steps:
  • Log in to salesconnect.cisco.com with your Cisco credentials.
  • Type Imagicle Black Belt in the search bar.
  • Pick the track you need between sales and presales.
  • Click on the REGISTER button.

Imagicle on Cisco Black Belt Partner Academy: a fast-track to making your customers happy.


To learn more on Cisco Black Belt Academy, visit https://bit.ly/2B2PfcL

Doubts, questions, curiosities? Ask Imagicle!

Cisco sales and partners can join the Imagicle Webex Teams room to have questions answered directly.

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