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Why it’s Smart to work on the Imagicle Cloud.

In 2020, something changed our work habits completely. We said goodbye to coffee in the office and hello to home cups (our colleagues, though, are still the best part of our job). Of course, this led to a shift in business models and work tools. Discover the impact of the Imagicle Cloud on the simplification of the new workplace and the benefits of our solutions for smart working.

The Covid-19 paradigm shift.

In March 2020, we all learned – the hard way, might I say – that we don’t need to be in the office to get things done. The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the adoption of remote work on a wide scale, causing virtually the entire employee base of many companies to embrace an employee work-at-home operational framework. And even though we all miss traveling and not wearing masks, not all of us miss driving to the office every morning: 92% of employees want to work from home at least one day a week, while 45% want to do it 4-5 days a week. As a result of this trend, businesses expect to reduce office space by 18% on average, according to recent Ipsos Mori reports in the UK. 

These numbers certainly lead companies and their employees to ask themselves major questions about their future. How will this change impact our productivity and business? Should we invest in new tools to improve our working situation? How can we make our lives easier in these challenging times?

Our response to the shift: Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite.

Here at Imagicle, we take great pride in working with one, clear goal that sits at the top of the pyramid: making our customers happier and happier.  With our Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite, we harness the power of change to create new and extraordinary value, bringing the cloud to the heart of our customer business. 

Why it’s Smart to work on the Imagicle Cloud.

Our approach puts business needs first by offering verticalized solutions. Every industry has its own delicate balances and challenges, and we customize our products and offer them accordingly. The banking & finance industry, for example, needs to monitor interactions with its clients closely and protect data all-roundGovernments need to provide excellent customer service and to be trustworthy in the eyes of citizens. And of course, the healthcare sector has taken some serious hits since the pandemic started, and its employees could use a simplification in work practices.

The industries above are just a few of the many examples I could make. Needless to say, despite their differences, all industries have a common goal: to digitalize their workflow in a secure and fast way. As Imagicle, we strive to help customers find new and more effective routes of reaching this goal, especially by harnessing the power of the cloud.

Smart Working and Cloud Technology: an unbreakable bond.

Smart working and Cloud Technologies are closely linked. From migration to cloud management and optimization, Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite works with customers to enable them to unlock the full potential of the cloud, achieving tangible and extraordinary value. 

Among the challenges arising with smart working, we identified the difficulty of following regulations regarding the protection of business and personal data. In this area, the Cloud is an element of important support to companies, because it allows for a higher level of security of business data, especially at this moment when a lot of it – if not all – is processed in smart working environments. 

How? Well, Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite is securely connected to your network, leveraging existing PSTN lines, regardless of the deployment of your calling platform. We offer three private peering options: VPN, Equinix ECX, and SD-WAN. Cherry on top, the new internet peering connection is coming shortly and it’s perfect for cloud calling platforms such as Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams via an encrypted and secure connection! 

In other words, smart workers will obtain the continuous availability of business resources from anywhere, in total security, in one word: Cloud.

Why it’s Smart to work on the Imagicle Cloud.

Not only is the cloud the most secure option to implement your UC apps in smart working, but it’s also the most cost-effective because every operational cost is included in one predictable cost, as my colleague Bernardo explained here. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to scale, add a new user, enable permission and applications in order to cover a specific service, even for just a specific time window. Everything is done with just a few steps of configuration in the Imagicle UCX Suite Portal, completely from a remote site. Moreover, with the power of the reports included in the UCX Suite, the customer can check in real-time the service level and make changes if needed.

The journey to the Cloud, Imagicle style.

Now that you know a bit more about the Cloud and about our Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite, it’s time to talk about what’s inside it: our UC apps, the beating heart of our Suite, that can be installed directly on the Cloud or smoothly transitioned to it with the same interface and the same amazing user experience, thanks to the dedicated gadgets for Jabber and Webex.

Imagicle Customer Service.

Do your operators need to handle phone calls from home?
Attendant Console with Advanced Queueing and Auto Attendant (now available to integrate with Webex Calling!) allows operators to work from home as if they were in the office. And callers won’t notice the difference. Plus, you have the opportunity to make cooperation between managers and assistants smoother than ever with Imagicle Manager Assistant, simplifying call management delegation in a few clicks.

Imagicle Digital Fax.

Need to send a fax, but the fax machine is in the office? With our Digital Fax, you can manage all fax operations via e-mail, web, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, on your smartphone and tablet.

Imagicle Call Recording.

Do you need to record calls for security, legal or other reasons but you don’t know how?
With Call Recording you won’t miss a word regardless of your architecture or the platform the client is calling from (Cisco Jabber, Finesse, Webex, Attendant Console, Microsoft Teams, telephone).

Imagicle Voice Analytics.

What do your customers really think? With Voice Analytics, the answer to this question is faster, smarter, and easier. This AI, cloud-based add on for Imagicle Call Recording allows you to promptly analyze recorded voice calls through multilingual content transcriptions and sentiment analysis, allowing you to know at a glance what the main points of interest were and how the call went. Something that would only be possible by listening to hours of recording!

Imagicle Contact Manager.

Do you need to quickly find the numbers of colleagues, customers, suppliers?
Imagicle Contact Manager centralizes and synchronizes company directories and provides fast search through phone, web, mobile, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams.

Imagicle Call Analytics.

Do you need to monitor the call flows on your company lines?
With Imagicle Call Analytics, you can control and cost any telephone usage event and check the employment of company lines via the web, telephone, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Webex, and mobile app.


The last 14 months have been challenging. We have experienced first-hand how the pandemic has revolutionized our daily job (and daily life in general). “Digital Transformation” and “Modern Workplace” are no longer concepts, they are our reality and they touch every department of our companies. But Imagicle doesn’t develop problems. We develop solutions. In spite of the difficult situations, we keep working to deliver our customers the best daily job experience they can have, in the office and especially from home.

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