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Imagicle UC solutions for the Banking & Finance industry.

Covid-19 lockdowns are causing a collective rethink in the way banking and finance organizations operate, with UCs transformed from a nice-to-have to a business essential as remote working becomes the new normal. Download our free brochure and find out what Imagicle can do to make financial institutions even faster, smarter and easier, anywhere and on any device.

The future of the banking & finance industry.

Due to the widespread increase in the adoption of Unified Communications & Collaboration driven by the onset of COVID-19, digitalization has become a top priority in the highly competitive banking and finance industry.
Combining communication and collaboration tools into a single interface and management system is becoming vital for removing the siloed and fragmented challenges of previous solutions, causing inefficiencies that would now be impossible to manage. 
That’s why, now more than ever, investing in business communications solutions is paramount to amplifying efficiency and creating a top-quality experience for customers, which, in turn, is the primary driver for staying competitive and maximizing profits.

This is why Imagicle UC solutions come into play.

An advanced, accurate, and fast management of calls, the collection of data and analytics, real-time monitoring, digitalization of fax and directories, accurate reports on device usage and adoption wherever they are – and leveraging emerging cloud technologies are at the forefront of the new normal.

Imagicle solutions are all born within a single Suite, which offers the same functionality on every device, on-site and remotely, making it possible to continue working with the same level of efficiency, speed and performance, while

  • costs get cut;
  • resource use and adoption are monitored;
  • calls are recorded and faxes are handled in compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR, PCI-DSS, MiFID II, etc.);
  • calls and contacts are managed in a centralized way, avoiding endless waiting times.
And to take advantage of the maximum degree of flexibility, scalability, and security, there’s Imagicle UCX Cloud Suite, combining the power of Imagicle UC apps with the benefits of the cloud.
Download our free brochure, read the stories of our happy customers and find out everything Imagicle can do to boost your banking or financial institution.

Never lose a document or leave a customer hanging.

Digitalize, speed up, and smooth out your operations: download your free brochure and discover the impact of the Imagicle UC apps on the financial industry.

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