• Tech Specs Blog
    TDD: why I decided that debugging wasn’t worth my time.
    Take it easy with all that debugging! Here's a Test-Driven-Development real-life usage example to learn how to release projects much faster and with higher quality and stop wasting your time in the tangle of bugs.
  • Products Blog
    Agile: knowledge sharing and CoPs.
    Discover the Communities of Practice, a simple and powerful method to connect people, share information, and identify solutions to common problems.
  • Products Blog
    Imagicle applications security: vulnerabilities and threats mitigation.
    Learn the core concepts of web application security and discover some basic techniques that developers should use to reduce the chances of a security breach.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Artificial Intelligence applications and use cases. A look into the future.
    Just landed in Imagicle's R&D team, Simone, specialized in Artificial Intelligence tech, tells us how AI can help us solve complex problems and perform tasks normally accomplished by humans (and how we make it real in Imagicle!). Discover some of the best tricks of this magical technology to bring value and simplify your daily work.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Scaling Agile: LeSS Scrum adoption.
    Discover simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development. Start now to do more. With LeSS.
  • Support Blog
    3 must-have skills for a successful Customer Service.
    Reduce the work the customer has to do to get their problem solved. Increase their happiness.
  • Tech Specs Blog
    Agile software development: the retrospective.
    Imagicle Scrum Master will guide you through a real retrospective, showing you how to manage your strengths and weaknesses and turn software development into an efficient, enriching (and fun!) process.
  • Products Blog
    What is your Cloud strategy?
    What should be taken into account when choosing the best Cloud strategy? Find out!
  • Products Blog
    What role will AI play in the future of business?
    Find out how the automation of tools will affect collaboration and daily communications.
  • People Blog
    Top 4 reasons why you should drop your job and get in tech.
    Here are the top 4 reasons why you should stop job-hopping and join them.
  • Products Blog
    Tech inside: Agile software development (Part 2).
    Imagicle R&D Manager, Marco Cerri, talks about a crucial figure in the interaction between the development plan and the final customer, the Product Owner.
  • Products Blog
    Tech inside: Agile software development (Part 1).
    Do you want to know what lies at the core of Imagicle? Read the article to find it out!
  • Event Blog
    Cisco Partner Training, New York
    Imagicle gets in a New York state of mind to introduce Imagicle UCX Suite to 60 Cisco partners in the Cisco New York City office.
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