Imagicle Hotel for Cross Platform is no longer available for sale.

Looking for Imagicle Hotel Pack for Cisco? Don't worry, it is still available with lots of improvements. Click here and visit the page for more details.


Starting January 1, 2019 Imagicle Hotel solution is no longer for sale.

Imagicle Hotel, adopted by many small hotels, leaves us. The hotel world is evolving and requires specialized services and integrations with new dedicated cloud services, such as online booking sites. Therefore, we decided to focus our efforts on other applications of our suite, continuing to offer the best possible solutions for business communications.

Can I continue to use the product and receive support?

If you currently use the solution, you can continue to do so. In fact, in line with our product End of Life policy, in the 3 years following the End of Sale date (therefore until January 1, 2022), we will provide you with all the support necessary to keep the solution efficient, ensuring, in the case of an active contract, a corrective maintenance of the software.

This maintenance process also provides full compatibility with the GDPR legislation by downloading the next Winter release (scheduled for January 2019). By carrying out this last update, you will be able to manage the personal data processed by our software in full compliance with the new regulations on the matter.

After January 1, 2022 you will be able to continue using the product, but Imagicle will no longer provide any support.

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