Imagicle news.


Spring Release 2019

abr 18 2019



Imagicle Attendant Console

  • Advanced search: advanced contact search to find the right contact on the fly
  • Recipient number store: new "call for" column: this way you never forget the call recipient
  • Dashboard privacy: guarantee the right privacy to your operators with the new observer profile to monitor only the queue data
  • Custom fields editing: add and edit new fields in your contact cards

Imagicle Gadget Jabber mobile

  • Imagicle applications for jabber gadgets are also available on all iOS / Android mobile devices.

Imagicle Call Recording

  • New profile for recording only to limit the actions to the recording of the call only without the possibility of listening.

Imagicle Advanced Directory, Click to call & Caller ID

  • The Imagicle Speedy Enterprise gadget lands on Cisco Finesse adding new functions and supports the brother already present Call Recording.

Imagicle Customer Service

  • New APIs to automate the configuration and management of queues in provisioning systems and massive creation of IVR services and queues in large corporate chains

Imagicle One Desktop

  • Access with domain credentials for rapid application configuration.