Patrizio Bof
President and Founder Pat Group & InfiniteArea

Patrizio Bof, born in ’67, lives in the province of Treviso and has 2 young children. He founded his first company at 16 and the second at 24 (PAT). In 2009 he acquired H-Care, a multiple-award-winning company in the field of multichannel interaction and the first to introduce the avatar in the market of advanced Customer Care services (the forerunner of the modern chatbot). In 2010 he presented MyDA, the first mobile virtual assistant. He has been a member of Zucchetti since 2013, as well as a member of the Zucchetti Steering Committee and Sole Director of PAT. He’s also the founder of InfiniteArea, the campus where PAT is based, a place and an initiative based on open innovation and contamination between different realities, a source of inspiration and growth for talents and the territory.

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