Maysam Hattab
Channel Account Manager Middle East
Middle East

Maysam, Lebanese, was born and raised in Saudi where she got exposed to many different cultures and graduated from the American University of Beirut as a Computer & Communications Engineer (yup, she’s the family nerd). She’s passionate about UC and collaboration, and joined the sales world to achieve something Imagicle!

Maysam enjoys outdoor activities (hiking, swimming, etc) and if you ever spot a monkey on top of that tree, it’s probably her! She wants to travel the world one day, discover more cultures, and try as many local restaurants and street food as she can (grateful those calories haven’t started showing up on her yet). She loves baking! If you guys are nice, you might get to taste her signature brownies! She has always enjoyed listening to music as it barges into the soul without any boundaries or limitations! To cut the long story short, it’s a language that everyone understands!! Always sing the vibe!!🎶

Maysam loves being around smart, happy, positive people! Her motto is “Keep smiling no matter what, it’s contagious!” 😄

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