Fabio Sgrò
DevOps Engineer

Fabio lives in Florence (and is really proud of it) and is the father of 2 young sons.
When he had some free time, he used to practice different sports, from boxing to climbing, from hiking to snowboarding, and from ping pong to motorcycling. The last one is his biggest passion: he owns a racing motorbike that he’s already ridden on different circuits (Mugello and Magione among the others); in the last years he didn’t have enough free time so now it’s always parked in his garage, but he’s sure that in the near future he’ll be able to start giving full gas again…

He’s always worked in IT, at the beginning working as Java and Android developer, and then he moved to DevOps Area, focusing on helping teams writing better code and deliver it in an efficient way.
He was looking for a new challenge in a human-sized company and Samuele, Imagicle’s HR Assistant, knocked on his door: he immediately realized that Imagicle would bring back enthusiasm in his job, and after spending just one day in the Massarosa HQ he realized he made the right choice.

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