Imagicle vs Dubber

Why Imagicle is more complete and richer than Dubber to record calls on Webex Calling.

Imagicle is a complete solution for business calling and Contact Centers, addressing legal compliance needs, training and productivity needs with any Cisco Calling Platform (CUCM, Webex MT and DI, HCS, and Broadworks). Available Cloud or On-Prem.

8 features Imagicle offers and Dubber doesn't.

1. Webex Single Sign-On. Simplified access, increased security.

With Cloud services on the rise, employees are using more and more apps, which means logging in to and switching among them.

Using your Webex credentials to access Imagicle Call Recording, get increased security and ease of use with a single, secure login, for each user and device, granting the same Webex experience everywhere.

2. Sync your users' list the easiest way.

SSO allows collaborators to easily access your new Call Recording, but how to enable them to do so? Manually? And with the need to update accesses every single time someone joins or leaves?

No, thanks! Thanks to the Imagicle Cloud synchronization capabilities, your Imagicle Call Recording will be able to automatically pull and synchronize the whole list of company employees from Webex Control Hub. Keeping your user list updated has never been easier!

3. Record screens, not just calls.

Voice Interactions are just a part of the picture. Are agents leveraging CRM data to the fullest? Do they have access to the right sources of data? Did the agent open the right folder?

Take the crucial activity of recording company calls to the next level. By recording agents' computer desktop activities in addition to their voice during calls, you’ll make the most out of your tools, achieving interoperability and the complete picture of customer interactions.

4. Your recordings, directly on your Webex App.

Who wants to keep changing apps while working?

With Imagicle, you can view, manage, download, delete your recordings directly from the app you use all day, everyday to communicate: your Webex App.

5. Per user and per channel. Licensed your way.

Imagicle Call Recording is available per named user, intended as a subscription that enables customers to provide service for individuals. This matches several use cases, but not all of them.

For example, if you don’t need the always-on recording mode or your employees work on shift, you might buy per user license, but at the end of the day, the service will cost you a lot more. This is where license per channel comes to play, letting all users can record any call; the only limit being the concurrent calls recorded based on the number of channels activated.

6. Recording Filters - Record only what you want.

Dubber is an excellent platform to record calls, but it doesn’t provide a key feature for many customers: filtering. You are forced to record all company calls, with big consequences on the storage size, the volume of recordings to analyze, etc.

With Imagicle, thanks to the optional filters, you can decide what calls record (i.e. only PSTN calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, etc.)

7. On-premise storage.

Imagicle Call Recording offers unlimited storage in the Imagicle Cloud region nearest to you (Europe, US, Middle East) granting top level privacy and security for your business.

But in the case you want to keep your data at your home to have absolute control over the data you’re storing, Imagicle also offers on-premise encrypted storage.

8. Cisco UCM native integration

Is your Calling platform On-Prem because you’re not ready to go Cloud? Imagicle offers a native integration also with Cisco UCM, Webex Calling DI, HCS and Broadworks, even in mixed environments.

So, are you saying that Dubber doesn’t work with UCM? Not exactly. It works also with Cisco UCM but it requires Cisco CUBE proxy with a dedicated session license per each concurrent recording. Instead, with Imagicle you can easily establish a connection with your on-Prem calling platform without any additional stuff On-Prem.

One more thing...

Imagicle Call Recording is part of an ultimate suite to complete your experience with any Cisco Calling platform: Digital Fax, Attendant Console with Queueing and Auto Attendant, Call Analytics, and Contact Manager, are just a part of the UC apps behind a single pane of glass simplifying deployment, administration, and use. One suite, one experience, one support, one partner.

Comparison recap.

Imagicle Compliance Recording is the most flexible solution in market with an offer based on Call Recording foundation plus Screen Recording and Voice Analytics, available Cloud or On Premises.

Refer to the table below for a quick comparison against Dubber.

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Webex Single Sign-On
User sync from Webex
Screen Recording
Integrated in Webex App Desktop
Licensing per user or per concurrent channelUser only
Recording filters with blacklist options
On Prem storage option available
Cisco UCM native integration
*Requires Cisco CUBE proxy with a dedicated session license per each concurrent recording

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