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Top 4 reasons why you should drop your job and get in tech.

Are you a millennial or Gen Z? What’s your dream job? Where do you want to be in 5-10 years? What do you want to achieve in life? 

Do you remember Mose Mai Monkey clapping cymbals inside Homer Simpon’s head?
Well, that’s me when I was asked to answer those questions (also at Imagicle, but don’t tell my boss). So don’t worry if you feel a bit confused about what you should answer or the self-confidence you should have. For the time being, what you can do is start learning new things and ask for help to anybody in your network (if you don’t have one, develop it)!
The truth is that young people – of all generation – are dreamers: we don’t get much career advises or mentorship throughout our school or university, so we fly very high until we get to our thirties, when we understand that the world moves differently.

Top 4 reasons why you should drop your job and get in tech.

Learning time @ Imagicle

This is called job-hopping: it is fine when you have a clear goal to achieve, but it is dangerous when you don’t know where you are heading to.
Fortunately, many companies and startups are driving the change towards a better corporate environment: young, friendly and people-driven.
Most of those organizations deal with technology, which means that they have embraced a digital transformation to save time and resources that can be better allocated to improve employees lives. Once you get in one of those companies, you’ll leave job-hopping behind, fully aware that getting in tech was your best move. I’ve learned this lesson myself: I have worked in different countries and sectors, but since I’ve come across the tech industry I’ve felt in love immediately. Thanks to Imagicle, I’ve had the chance to finally settle down and grow up, together with people that share my same values and principles.   

Now, here are my top 4 reasons why you should look for a job in tech whatever your skills are.

1. Tech is Fun

That's  me in a moment of sugary Christmas happiness.
That’s me in a moment of sugary Christmas happiness.

In tech companies, the mood is very relaxed: people want you to be comfortable as you feel with your friends, because your brain works smarter when you are in a familiar environment. You get to have free drinks, free meals and lots of team activities that will turn your colleagues into friends. You will have relaxing rooms where ideas will jump-up like balls on a foosball table. “Fun” is, indeed, one of Imagicle pillars to keep people relaxed and happy and create value for others. You need to come to one of our Christmas party or yearly celebrations to understand the mood. But, don’t forget the number 1 rule of this game: “work hard, play hard”. 


2. Tech is young

The employees of a tech company have a low average age compared to organizations in other sectors. As you can see from the following chart, tech companies fight against each other to have the smartest kid in the block working for them. The reason is that companies link continuous innovation to out-of-the-box ideas and lots of energy and passion, which, normally, are found in younger generations. Which is why Imagicle is investing a lot on young minds, with 9 newcomers on-boarded in the past 6 months, committing, meanwhile, in creating a corporate environment where colleagues share same values regardless of the age (you should see us playing beach volley on Thursday night). Even though you’re not young anymore, you can still get in tech and enjoy being the youngster with your new peers. Because it’s not a matter of age on papers, but age in your heart.

employees age

3. You will have better work-life balance

Every year Glassdoor (I strongly recommend to start using it) draws up several statistics of tech companies, where you can observe a proper balance between workload and personal life/growth. These companies have learned how to increase productivity without squeezing up employees and let them run away. You can work from anywhere you like because they don’t require employees badge.
At this very moment, I’m writing from a remote office far away from the place I work, whereas, at Christmas time, I’ll be working from my hometown. We can do that thanks to the innovative tools we use to collaborate and create chances to strengthen team relationships, regardless of your location. Some of them also offer yearly company trip and unlimited holidays!

4. You can create change & value

As there are MIllennials and Gen Z talents in tech companies, you’ll be part of this 4.0 revolution. IoT, AI, cyber manufacturing, smart cities, block-chain, and many more disruptive technologies are coming from tech companies to change the way we live and work.
At the same time, AI will challenge our human-supremacy, so it would be smart for you to join this revolution and bring your values to money-drive companies. You shall influence your peers to develop a company culture that is people-driven and not just profit-driven. That’s why, here at Imagice, we are currently working to integrate these new technologies within our “happy environment” and bring more innovative tools within our products to ease-up the way people work.

4+1. You like pizza? (to be read with the Italian accent)

Now, take every ingredient above, put them on a handmade dough, add some tomato sauce and mozzarella, cook it for 5 minutes in a wood-fired oven at 400°. That’s how an Italian tech company looks like, with each of the above 5 ingredients plus best food on earth, great sightseeing and loving people. What are you waiting for? Get in an Italian tech company now.

(But remember! “Once you go tech, you’ll never go back”). grinning face with smiling eyes



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