All that was missing in Cisco Jabber desktop and mobile

Fax Server
Call Analytics
Expense Management
Phone Lock
Call Recording

Imagicle Gadgets make it perfect.

Perfectly in synch with changing needs and new workspace concepts, Imagicle UC Suite provides customers a unified experience with all services, even directly from Cisco Jabber desktop and mobile, with irreplaceable Imagicle Gadgets for Jabber.

Imagicle Gadgets complete Cisco Jabber desktop and mobile thanks to essential features, like the possibility of calling a contact stored in the external directory or clicking to call the number displayed, sending a fax directly from inside Jabber and much more.


Free for everybody

Imagicle Gadgets for Cisco Jabber desktop and mobile are included for free in the Imagicle UC Suite and work in Jabber for Everyone or Full edition. If you use the Imagicle AppSuite Spring 2014 rel. or later, you're ready to go. If you're running an older release, you can upgrade now with an active ImagicleCare contract. Check your status.



One Download

the current Imagicle AppSuite


One Deployment

from your Cisco UCM-BE6K-BE7K-HCS, for all your users at the same time


One Experience

in your Jabber desktop for Windows, all the apps you need



Jabber gadgets - Fax

Jabber gadgets Contacts - FaxFax

Total fax management.
Fax wizard and all the faxes received/sent are available at a click thanks to the free Imagicle IP Fax Server Jabber Gadget.


Jabber gadgets ContactsContacts

Jabber gadgets - Contacts

Access all your external contacts, and add global click-to-call and Caller ID to all your calls using the free Jabber Gadget from Imagicle Directory.

Jabber Gadgets

Clip & Call any number displayed on your screen

Jabber gadgets - Contacts
CALL Analytics
Jabber gadgets - Call Analytics

Jabber gadgets Call AnalyticsCall Analytics

Your unified call list (all calls placed with Jabber desktop/mobile and desk phone) and dashboard are available at a glance for total control of calls and expenses inside Cisco Jabber desktop.

Free mobile Imagicle Accounting & Billing for Cisco Jabber Gadget.


Jabber gadgets Contacts - Expense ManagementExpense Management

Monitor your telephone expenses, keep tabs on telephone use and keep everything under control. Plus, thanks to Imagicle Budget Control you can also check your available credit in real time.

Jabber gadgets - Expense Management
Jabber gadgets - Phone Lock

Jabber gadgets Phone LockPhone Lock

Lock your phone and erase your personal call list when you go out to prevent unauthorized access, using the free Imagicle Phone Lock Jabber Gadget.


Jabber gadgets Call RecordingCall Recording

Exclusive Search & Play gadget inside Cisco Jabber Desktop.
Lets you search and play back your calls saved and encrypted on the server, at any time.
You can organize your registrations by date, tenant-group, agent, extension, etc., and search for any field.

Available for free with Imagicle Call Recording.

Jabber gadgets - Call Recording

The best gadgets for Cisco Jabber
always in your pocket!

Imagicle gadgets for Cisco Jabber are also available on all iOS and Android mobile devices free of charge.

Jabber mobile restrictions: 

  • Media downloads not available (ex. Recording and Fax).
  • MRA not supported (Imagicle AppSuite must be accessible via HTTPS).
Jabber gadgets mobile
Unified Communications

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