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You'll love your new attendant console.

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The best and most complete operator console solution.

Imagicle Attendant Console is the operator console software solution that integrates perfectly with Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise to simplify and improve incoming call management.
When creating it, we examined every single telephone operator need: resulting in never-before-experienced interaction between telephone and computer.

A thousand little details combine to create a simple and attractive interface that makes everything available at a click. Available for both Windows and Mac users.

Overview Live Tabs

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Your job becomes easier, and your clients can tell.

It's important to receive clients with a smile on the phone. However, it's hard to do it for hours on end, if you don't have the right tools to simplify repetitive operations so that operators can answer quickly and professionally. All that Imagicle's Attendant Console is missing is your smile.


Your job becomes easier, and your clients can tell.

It's important to receive clients with a smile on the phone. However, it's hard to do it for hours on end, if you don't have the right tools to simplify repetitive operations so that operators can answer quickly and professionally.
All that Imagicle's Attendant Console is missing is your smile.


The perfect companion
for any telephone operator.

All telephone functions are just a click away, as are colleagues, company contacts and favorites, list of handled calls and much, much more.

The best solution to make your company's operators quick, efficient and happy.
Available for both Windows and Mac users.

Why 3 ML

Things you've always done
as you've never done before.

Attendant Console - Call


A call is received. You see the contact's name, number and photo. To answer, just click or press a combination of keys.



Attendant Console -Transfert


Transferring a call to a colleague just takes a second: "Drag and Drop" the call to the desired contact and you're done.



Attendant Console - Park


Just click to put a call on hold.
You can also queue a call on an occupied extension (camp on) and automatically park it when the line is freed.



Imagicle Attendant - Status


In a glance you see everything you need to know about your colleagues: if they're available, doing something else or busy with another call.

Imagicle Attendant - Send SMS

Click. Notifying colleagues of calls.

It's easy to notify a colleague of a call. Choose the ready-to-send template with the name and number of the person calling, and just click.

Imagicle Attendant - Queues

Who's on queue?

At a glance, you see how many calls are queued, in which queues, how long they've been waiting and who has priority.

Trigger Call Recording

Trigger Call Recording directly from your Blue's Attendant.

Attendant Console


Attendant Console

Example of integration with SalesForce

Fully integrated with your CRM/ERP.

Budget Control

Automatically open a card in your management program (or in any application) to check on a specific event (e.g. when the phone rings, when it is answered, when a call is ended, etc.)
incoming traffic.


Attendant Console - ZoomText Magnifier

Imagicle Attendant and ZoomText Magnifier.

Imagicle Attendant is fully compatible with ZoomText Magnifier, software that makes computer use easier for the visually impaired. It makes it easier to read the screen, enlarging it, and adjusting colors to avoid tiring the eyes.

Ready for any ability.

Attendant Console

Imagicle Attendant was designed to be accessible for visually impaired and blind users.
It is fully compatible with tools for interaction with computers, in particular with ZoomText Magnifier, Display Braille and voice synthesis software (JAWS and NVDA).

Certified by the F. Cavazza Institute



Automatic lock/unlock



Attendant Console - ACD

from Queue Manager Enterprise.

Attendant Console

Imagicle Attendant was designed to work with Imagicle's Advanced Queueing solution to provide all the functions you need: information and distribution of queued calls, operator login/logout management, performance reports, real-time dashboard and much, much more.





Complete control
in real time.

Operator Console

In a glance, the dashboard gives supervisors a complete and up-to-date snapshot of queuing and operators so they can intervene if necessary.

Supervisors know exactly which operators are available for each queue, how many are on the phone, average and maximum answer times, how many calls have been missed, how many are underway and more.

Operator Console

WHY silent whisper

Listen to operators and guide them.






Silent Monitoring

Allows supervisors to monitor the agent’s work during real-time customer interaction:

  • Monitor performances to meet quality standards
  • Improve agent performances
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Identify areas to be improved as well as best practices for targeted training


Whisper Coaching

In addition to monitoring the agent’s work, supervisors can help operators in real-time:

  • Allows you to recommend a different course of conduct while talking to customers or address complex problems
  • Instruct and train your agents via live training
  • Optimize time and training costs



Operator Console


Integrated with each directory

Attendant Console - Colleagues


Tab dedicated to colleagues with their telephone and presence status, for Cisco Unified Presence Server, Skype for Business, Avaya Presence Services, Asterisk and other server presence.

Attendant Console -Directories

Personal and company.

All contact cards saved in Exchange, Outlook, SalesForce or any other Database can be integrated and consulted in a flash.

Attendant Console - Pop-Up

With Speedy.

If you want profile access "caller ID”, VIP numbers and Smart Numbers, use them with the Imagicle solution that centralizes and synchronizes all company directories.

Attendant Console - Call

Add a contact.

You just need a click to add new contact to your Console. During a call,  from popup notification... Choose when and how.



Attendant Console -Transfert

Edit and share.

You can edit (or delete) and share (in dept. or company directories) your existing contacts to keep your address books up-to-date and organized.



Attendant Console - Advanced Search

Advanced search.

Finding the right contact becomes quicker and easier. With the advanced search filters, you can search for your contacts by fields and access any information in a snap.




Operator Console

Imagicle and Plantronics. The perfect pair for every operator.

Operator Console

Operators' work has never been simpler with integration of Blue's Attendant with Plantronics headsets to automatically set the desired status based on operator' proximity to their desk or on whether the headsets are worn or connected to the docking station.

Content App
Unified Communications

Thousand of happy customers.
Unified Communications


With over $5 billion in sales and a portfolio of some 1,000 products, one of the three largest pharmaceutical firms producing generic drugs in the world chose Imagicle to manage its incoming calls.

Mylan chose to improve its customer service by providing its operators with the Imagicle operator's solution paired with the ACD solution to correctly direct calls received from the Cisco UCM system.

Missed calls have been eliminated and the time customers spend on hold significantly reduced.



Mylan Inc.


Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Operator Desk

Platform: Cisco UCM


 “In the past we happened to miss up to 100 calls in a day. Today, thanks to Imagicle, that's just a bad memory.” 

Valeria Rosselli - Rajapack CFO

Part of RAJA group is the Europe's packaging number 1 distributor offering the highest range of packaging products. Implementing Imagicle they reduced missed calls, up to 100 in a day, and the operators can finally welcome customers with a smile, resulting in an increased production.

Case History >>





Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Attendant Console
ACD Advanced Queueing
IVR Auto Attendant
Speedy Enterprise

Platform: Cisco BE6000


It was only natural that the European Institute of Oncology, a non-profit research organization for cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, also be a pioneer in managing its communication.

The ACD directs its calls from the Cisco UCM to operators equipped with Imagicle operator consoles who see the caller's name and details in real time thanks to integration with company directories.

Telephone traffic of the 500 users is constantly monitored by the accounting & billing solution, and all users can now send and receive faxes directly from their computer, smartphone or tablet.



Istituto Europeo Oncologia


Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Operator Console - ACD
Advanced directories
IP Fax Server
Billing & Accounting

Platform: Cisco UCM


“The decision to install the Imagicle Attendant Console, integrated with our Directories, was the natural completion of the positive experience we had with Imagicle”.

Diego Tadiello, IT Datacol

Italian company leader in the automotive industry, Datacol is now able to manage its corporate directories most simply and efficiently thanks to Imagicle Speedy Enterprise. Perfectly integrated with the Attendant Console, it centralizes and synchronizes all directories, providing fast searches, click to call and caller ID. In addition to streamlining daily work, this has allowed Datacol to save up to 100 hours a year..

Case History >>





Imagicle ApplicationSuite
for Cisco UC

Speedy Enterprise
Attendant Console
Advanced Queueing

PLatform: Cisco UCM 11.5